Centre based Rehabilitation

The three centres provide services for 276 children with various disabilities such as: blindness, deafness, visual, hearing, speech and mental impairment, cerebral palsy and other multi-disabilities. The centre is equipped with modern up-to-date technology including computers, braillers, tactile maps, mobility aids, play materials and specialist dark rooms.

Field workers from Ashirvad Trust travel to villages to identify those with disabilities that have needs unmet. Their aim is to achieve holistic rehabilitation. The field workers provide initial training in the home environment on basic personal hygiene and social skills. In many cases parents have neglected these children due to financial constraints and social stigma.

After foundational training, the children and parents are brought to one of the centres for a medical and developmental assessment. A personal plan is developed for their multi-disciplinary rehabilitation programme. The team consisting of doctors including ENT and orthopaedic specialists, neurologists, psychiatrists along with psychologists, professional teachers and physiotherapists put together a comprehensive and personalised programme for rehabilitation.