The Daily Ashram Program

5am: Morning meditation followed by daily devotional prayers or Agnabhakti, consisting of poems and writings composed by Shrimad Rajchandra and other enlightened seers. Ceremonial reverences are paid at various important places of worship within the Ashram campus such as the Derasar, Saubhagsmruti and Param Pujya Bapuji’s memorial.

8:00am: Breakfast

9:30am: ‘Puja and Chaityavandan’ prayers are offered in the Deraser.

10:30am: Morning Satsang: two discourses are held, one in the morning and one in the afternoon in which Bhaishree or the Brahmnishts expound upon the words of important scriptures such as Shrimad Rajchandra Vachanamrutji, Gnansaar and Adhyatmasaar by Yashovijayji amongst others.

12:00 noon: Lunch

3:30pm: Afternoon Satsang

6:00pm: Dinner

6:30pm: Aarti and Mangaldivo in the Deraser

7:00pm Atmasiddhi recital + Guru Vandana

‘Atmasiddhi’ is a profound spiritual composition by Shrimad Rajchandra which he wrote in the format outlining the six fundamentals.

8:30pm: ‘Bhakti’ or devotional singing with a light spiritual story telling to finish theday.

Throughout the day, seekers occupy themselves in meditation, reading, andspending time with Bhaishree or Brahmnishsts seeking answers to their queries and problems. Indeed the atmosphere is so divine and blissful, it is a common experience to be completely cut off from the external world and to forget about theday and time!