These are some options for payment.  We have not integrated a cart and so we are using Paypal's off the shelf service.

We can change the button look, but we need to have a URL for the button image.

We can also change the look of the check out page if we use it, but we need URLs for the logo, and the relevant colour coding HEX numbers.

The only way to let them enter a value themselves is via a donation button, so we need to see how this works.  Again, its look can change, but we need a URL for the Logo.  The donation button clicks through to pages which keep saying donation, so it is a little odd.

Each of the buttons below let's you add to the cart individually.  You then have to click "continue shopping" to get back to this page.  So it is possibly a long-winded process.

Express Drop Down Menu for Mumukshus!

Mumukshu Express DY18 Payment

Welcome and Celebration

SHIBIR all five days

Shibir day 1 only

Shibir day 2 only

Shibir day 3 only

Shibir day 4 only

Shibir day 5 only

Shibir Reading Materials

Shibir Audio MP3

This is how you see your totals if you wish to.

This is the button to use to let the person registering enter their own value.

Pay for registration