Br. Minalbens UK Trip 2017

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Womens Only
Thurs 21st Sept. Free Event.
IVY Event for children and youngsters aged 8 - 18yr olds
Sunday 24th September. Free event.
Please add in names of all children and their ages
Spiritual Parenting
Sunday 24th Sept. Free event.
During the Spiritual Parenting event we have a creche for children (Over 4 yrs old) and a workshop for teenagers. Please give the name and ages of all the children / youngsters who will be attending:
Please share the contact details (Mobile Number) of a parent or guardian if your child is attending the Childrens/Youngsters event or is going to use the Creche/workshop.
Please note that we cannot guarantee to meet each individual's needs, however we will try where possible.
The events during Br. Minalben's trip are subsidised. If you are interested in donating to support these events then please contact Jaysukhbhai Mehta at Tel: 07830 294060
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