Param Pujya Gurumaa, Shree Sadgunaben Shah

Smt Sadgunaben C U Shah was fondly and reverently called Guruma. She used to head the institution Shree Raj Saubhag Satsang Mandal along with Bhaishree. Her calm and reticent approach earned her respect from everyone who met her.

One who takes birth will surely die, the one who rises surely sets, but what makes a difference is the way in which one lives.

In the midst of mortality she breathed immortality, and even in interminable worldly misery and dualism her inner soul was never perturbed. Her warmth, serenity and happiness would envelope those around her.

Under her guidance innumerable disciples strove hard in their pursuit of self realisation and to break the incessant bondage of birth and death.

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