Tap & Tyaag

A Gift of Resolve

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Penance enables us to foster self-control, one-mindedness and focus.

Nectar can never be derived from poison, similarly a person whose mind is enslaved by the body can never attain liberation.

Param Pujya Bhaishree inspires us to exonerate ourselves from the physical self.

On the occasion of Bhaishree's 75th Birthday;

  • Let us vow to uplift ourselves,
  • Let us focus on the inner qualities and virtues of the soul,
  • Let us cleanse our mind and body,
  • Let our thoughts become wholesome and pure.

Every celebration in our Ashram has always focused on inner transformation. In order to strengthen our inner journey let us take at least one vow from the list given below.

We need to finish the vow by 24th November 2018

Tap & Tyaag

75 Days of Chauvihar

75 Days of Maun

75 Hours of Maun

75 Ekasanas

75 Additional Dhyans

75 Chaityavandans

75 Deraser Puja & Chaityavandans

75 Besanas

Be Accountable

If you attend a local satsang then please report your Sankalp and progress to your Brahmnisht every month. If you don't have a local Brahmnisht then pair up with a fellow mumukshu, ideally someone in your local satsang group as an accountability buddy. Support each other, check in and hold each other accountable to their sankalp.

Remember to keep a record for yourself. We will ask you for a final report at the end of the year. 

If you don't have anyone that you can pair up with or a local Brahmnisht/Raj Marg leader then don't worry we will allocate you someone to support you.