Celebrating the divine blessing: Shrimad Rajchandra's 150th Birth Anniversary

One hundred and forty-nine years ago, on the full moon day of Kartik Month a prodigious boy was born to pious parents Devba and Ravjibhai in the port town of Vavania, Gujarat. A monumental destiny awaited this child - in a short lifespan of under thirty-four years he would transform the course of a religion, a nation and that of many great souls.

This boy was none other than our supreme benefactor, the poet Shrimad Rajchandra. Our lives shall remain eternally indebted to this great soul for it was he who revived Jainism and the tenets of Bhagwan Mahavir in these dark times. It was he who laid bare the path to self-realisation and enlightenment for us. It was he who left behind a divine legacy of spiritual masters who would keep the flame of spirituality alive.

As we enter the one hundred and fiftieth year of Shrimad's birth anniversary, it is quite natural that we would like to join each other and indeed all of Shrimad's followers from far and wide to celebrate his presence in our lives. Raj Saubhag Sayla like other Ashrams in India, have been planning some great celebrations for the forthcoming year.

We at Raj Saubhag would also like to organise a celebratory event here in London to express our joy and gratitude towards Shrimad Rajchandra.

We would like to invite ideas from all our members in order to organise this event. Ideas are invited for both the London as well as Indian celebrations. The format and scope for this event are wide open at the moment and all thoughts and suggestions are most welcome. The idea is to collectively express our love and gratitude and to enthuse us and those around us with dedication and energy to march forward in our spiritual striving. Events could include plays, skits, short films, exhibitions, talks, workshops, poetry readings etc.

Please submit your thoughts by completing the below form. Please also indicate if you would like to take responsibility for co-ordinating & organising this event.

We are sure that there will be many inspiring thoughts. We would like to hold a meeting in the afternoon of Sunday 26th February 2017 to brainstorm and develop creative ideas. You will be able to indicate whether you can attend in the form below.