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Ekant Maun & Aradhana Shibir (120) - April 2020

Ekant Maun & Aradhana Shibir (120)

14 - 18th April 2020

Ekant Maun Shibir

Ekant Maun Shibir is a spiritual retreat held for 5 days for intensive spiritual striving in a conducive external environment. Participants stay in silence and in isolation during the entire shibir. The daily programme includes Param Pujya Bhaishree's param satsang on a focused topic over the 5 days usually taken from a scripture. There is also 5 hours of meditation along with self-study, contemplation and devotional bhakti.

The retreat is only for those Mumukshus who are part of the Raj Marg Nu Yogarohan scheme. Application for the shibir is required beforehand with Br. Karsanbhai. Acceptance into the shibir is then confirmed prior to the shibir. Those participating in the shibir must adhere to the strict rules and no communication is allowed during this time.

Aradhana Shibir

Simulataneous to the Ekant Maun Shibir is an Aradhana Shibir. This is open to all. Param Pujya Bhaishree's satsang is broadcast from the Ekant Maun Shibir. In the afternoon there is a Swadhyay series conducted by the Brahmanishts.

The Aradhana Shibir is open to all and although prior registration is encouraged it is not mandatory.

Room Booking

If you are attending the shibir please ensure you have booked your room with the Ashram office. You can do this online here.