Prem ni Parab - Annual Celebration 2017

Prem ni Parab Annual Celebration

31st July 2017

Prem ni Parab is the educational initiative that Shree Raj Saubhag Ashram runs to inspire the potential in all the students and teachers in the 132 schools of Sayla District.

Every year all schools take part in an annual festival that includes sport, drama, art, elocution, creative writing, dance, music and much more. A healthy and friendly sense of competition between schools is held in January and culminates in the Annual celebration where under the grace and blessings of Param Pujya Bhaishree and invited saints, guests and educationalists, the students perform in their final competitions and are given their awards.

This year marked the 13th year of the Prem ni Parab project. In the annual celebration at the Ashram: 1373 students and 430 teachers participated, 113 schools were represented and 50 invited educationalists graced the event.  

The event started with torches being lit in Param Pujya Bapuji's Kutir. These were carried in procession to the main event hall within the Ashram grounds and used to light the witness flame that sits at the front of the stage.

Blessings were given by the invited guests after which the students displayed their skills and talents to the awe of the audience.

Every year a 'Best School Award', 'Best Teacher Award' and 'Best Male and Best Female Student Award' is handed out in an Awards Ceremony.

The key invited guest was Swami Nikhileswaranandaji Maharaj, the head of the Vadodara centre of Ramakrishna Mission, an organisation started by Swami Vivekananda over a hundred years ago. A graduate Chemical and Industrial Engineer, Swamiji renounced the world and joined the Ramakrishna order in 1976. Since he has written many books, traveled much of the world and in many languages taught and inspired the universal message of Vedanta to many a seeker. We were very fortunate to be in his graceful presence during this event. Param Pujya Bhaishree and Swamiji were in harmony, so much warmth and friendship was seen in their interaction.

To watch the children, laugh, clap, run and get up to mischief was fun to watch. To see their immense potential displayed on stage was amazing and just shows what a conducive educational environment with love and prem at its heart can do to inspire young minds. On everyone's lips was nothing but praise and Shree Chandrakantbhai Vyas the programme director is very worthy of all the accolades he was given. With such humility and love he has cultivated, managed and inspired the schools, the teachers, the parents and most of all the students. Like a grandfather he pats them lovingly on the head and gives them each a few words of wisdom. It is rare to see all teachers and students and workers all in harmony, working with energy, enthusiasm and love in a meticulously planned and well structured celebration and project where the students are the heart of everything that is done. Maximum efforts were made to be as inclusive of as many students and teachers as possible. This celebration was their celebration, and you could see how much they were enjoying it.

These past 13 years have been transformative for the primary and secondary education in Sayla District. Long may it continue and may its ripples uplift society in this area for many generations.

Women's blood donation camp organised by the students of LMV Girls High School and College

Women's blood donation drive

On 26th January, Republic Day, LMV Girls HIgh School and College hosted a flag hoisting ceremony. Along with this, the girls organised a women's blood donation camp, a first for Sayla.

People living in Indian townships like Sayla often have outdated mindsets - one among them is that women should not donate blood, as it might make them either weak or expose them to the risk of infectious disease. A women's-only blood donation drive was organised to overcome such old fashioned views and educate the local society in its importance and value. 

In the run up to the camp, student volunteers from the school and college went door-to-door to every house in Sayla for over a week, educating and encouraging the women to come and donate blood.

As a result, over 151 women registered their names. After going through medical screening a total of 33 women and girls and 5 men donated their blood. This was sent to C. U. Shah Medical College, Surendranagar for medical use.  Retired teacher Harshadbhai Shukla sponsored breakfast to the donors, and also gifted each lady a copy of the Bhagvad Gita and a travel bag as a token of appreciation.

Directors of the LMV school and college hope to organise such blood donation camps as often as possible and continue to play their role in society to help educate and raise awareness around public health issues.

LMV College and SPIPA host Joint event in Sayla

તા: ૧૯-૭-૨૦૧૬ ના રોજ પૂજ્ય એલ.એમ.વોરા કોલેજ ઓફ આર્ટસ & કોમર્સ-સાયલામાં 'SPIPA' (સરદાર પટેલ લોક પ્રશાસન સંસ્થા-અમદાવાદ) અને જીલ્લા રોજગાર કચેરી-સુરેન્દ્રનગર અંતર્ગત "કારકિર્દી માર્ગદર્શન સેમિનાર" યોજાયો. જેમાં 'સ્પીપા' માંથી ડૉ. રાજેશભાઈ અને રોજગાર કચેરીમાંથી જીલ્લા રોજગાર અધિકારી શ્રી જેઠવા સાહેબ આવ્યા હતા. બંને તજજ્ઞો દ્વારા વિદ્યાર્થિનીઓને સુંદર માર્ગદર્શન આપવામાં આવ્યું.

LMV College celebrates Gurupurnima

On 19th July 2016 LMV College in Sayla celebrated Gurupurnima with both the students and teachers joining in devotional singing, speeches and story telling.

તા: ૧૯-૭-૨૦૧૬ ના રોજ પૂજ્ય એલ.એમ.વોરા કોલેજ ઓફ આર્ટસ & કોમર્સ-સાયલામાં "ગુરૂ પૂર્ણિમા" ઉત્સવ ઉજવાયો. જેમાંગીતોઅનેવક્તવ્યોરજૂથયા. કોલેજના આચાર્યશ્રી ચંદ્રકાંતભાઈ વ્યાસે ગુરુપૂર્ણિમાવિષે મનનીય પ્રવચન આપ્યું.

LMV Girls High School Standard 9, all 156 students gifted Bicycles

On the 11th of July 2016, under the auspicious blessings and presence of Param Pujya Bhaishree, a bicycle was gifted to all 156 students of Standard 9 of the LMV Girls High School in Sayla.

The Ladakchand Manekchand Vora High School (LMV), was established in 1997 to help promote the education of girls in the Sayla district. Param Pujya Bapuji always had the upliftment of the local community in his heart and particularly empathised with the disadvantaged situation of women.

The school has gone from strength to strength and it is a joy to witness the happiness in these students as well as their thirst to learn and develop.

તા: ૧૧-૭-૨૦૧૬ ના રોજ પૂજ્ય ભાઈશ્રીના હસ્તે પૂજ્ય એલ.એમ.વોરા ગર્લ્સ હાઇસ્કૂલની ધોરણ-૯ ની તમામ ૧૫૬ વિદ્યાર્થિનીઓને સાયકલ અર્પણ કરવામાં આવી.

Sayla Science Centre gifts 100 books to each School in the Prem ni Parab initiative

On the 20th of June 2016, with the blessings of Param Pujya Bhaishree, all schools in the Prem ni Parab initiative were gifted 100 books for their libraries from the Sayla Jivan Viganan Kendra (Life Sciences Centre).

The Science Centre was set up in Sayla by the Prem ni Parab initiative of the Raj Saubhag Ashram to promote education of science. The specialist centre with practical laboratories and interactive science instruments hosts the schools of Sayla District in turn throughout the year to give students a deeper and practical understanding of science in the worlf today.

તા:૨૦-૬-૨૦૧૬ ના રોજ પૂજ્ય ભાઈશ્રીના હસ્તે "પ્રેમની પરબ" સંચાલિત "જીવન વિજ્ઞાન કેન્દ્ર-સાયલામાં સમાવિષ્ટ શાળાઓને લાયબ્રેરી માટે ૧૦૦-૧૦૦ પુસ્તકોના સેટ અર્પણ કરવામાં આવ્યા.

A mother of a 1 month old baby is supported by her mother-in-law to continue with her exams at LMV College

A mother of a 1 month old baby is supported by her mother-in-law to continue with her exams at LMV College

Just one month before her exams Renukaben Amreli, a student of LMV College from the town of Muli, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. With her mother-in-law's support she continued her studies, acknowledging the importance of education. Accopanied by her mother-in-law to look after the baby, she arrived to the surprise of fellow classmates to complete her exams.