Community Health Centre (CHC)

In 1998 Raj Saubhag Ashram opened a general medical dispensary to provide medical advice for those who could not afford private services. Demand was high, with 80 patients seen every day.

In 2008 the State Government of Gujarat requested the Ashram to take over the management of the poorly performing Sayla Community Health Centre (CHC). Services at the dispensary were closed and attention was shifted to focus on the Community Health Centre.

Today Sayla CHC provides services for the entire district of 75 villages and a population of over 120,000. The Ashram refurbished the facilities and provided additional medical services that were not previously available. The Ashram now manages the centre with the government contributing part of the running costs.

The centre provides basic emergency medical services and has expanded to include 4 medical officers, a surgeon, an obstetrician, 7 nursing sisters, 15 paramedical staff, a pharmacist, 2 lab technicians, a radiographer and 4 administrative staff.

Since the change in management, the number of patients seen in outpatients has risen from 150 to 300 per day and new born deliveries have increased from 5 a month to over 80 a month. In the past year, 75,000 patients were seen as out-patients, 2400 x-rays were taken, 900 babies were delivered and 3950 surgeries were performed.

Charges for registration and treatment are as per government regulations and heavily subsidised.

In the paediatric department Dr Masrani examines approximately 50-60 children daily in the outpatient department. Emergency services are provided around the clock. Sayla CHC has been classified as a ‘New Born Stabilisation Centre’ and also has a Child Development and Nutrition Centre for malnourished babies.

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Sayla Community Health Centre: Introductory Video

Click on the video link here to view an insightful introductory video on the Sayla Community Health Centre.