Registration Form - Bhaishree's UK Dharmayatra 2018

Please complete a seperate form for each individual registering
If you are paying by cash or cheque - please complete a paper registration form and hand this to a committee member at swadhyay.
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Cost: Welcome/Birthday Celebration: £15 (*Raj Saubhag Mumukshus and those Jignashus regularly attending Raj Saubhag Swadhyays only)) Shibir (full five days + farewell dinner): £105 (Open to all) Individual shibir days: £20 per day Farewell dinner only: £5 Children's Event: Free of charge Children's workshop: Free of charge Teen's Event: Free of charge Spiritual Parenting: Free of charge
Please give the name(s) and age(s) of your children attending the event as well as a parental name and mobile contact number.
Please give a parental name and mobile contact number if you are attending this event.
Dharmayatra Audio CD
If you would like to pre-order a Dharmayatra Audio CD with all the recordings of swadhyays then please tick below (Cost contribution: £3)
Please let us know if you have any dietary (vegan etc) or mobility restrictions. We cannot guarantee to be able to meet all needs but will try where possible.
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