Agna Bhakti

Agna Bhakti, is a collection of prose and poetry about the highest form of love, selfless devotion. Love is the very heart, the very essence, of devotion. Love inspires, motivates, purifies, elevates and ennobles us. This poetry explores and celebrates the impact of love.

It is in this sublime love in the form of faith and devotion towards the True God, True Guru and True Dharma, that lies the path to Moksh.

Love for the True Guru encompasses love for the True God and True Dharma, for he is the embodiment, the exemplar of Truth. We celebrate the presence of a true living Guru in our lives.

As we dedicate our lives to the True Guru, to the path taught by the True Guru, he compassionately creates a daily regimen of spiritual activities for us and instructs us to follow it. If we observe this regime diligently, our striving will be in accordance with truth. By following his regimen we actually celebrate his presence in our lives. With dedication, devotion and trust, our love for the path and the guru grows. We surrender our hubris and self-righteousness at his lotus feet.

Shrimad speaks of this regimen in Atma Siddhi verse 129:

ગુરુ આજ્ઞા સમ પથ્ય નહિ.
Guru aagnaa sam pathya nahi.

There is no regimen like a true guru’s guidance. The Guru’s instruction (Aagna) includes the daily recitation of the poems and prose. The instruction is not mere recitation but contemplation, exploration and immersion in love.

We pray and hope that this regime becomes your daily dose of pure love.

Regime of Love

This book is the collection of Agna Bhakti & Atma Siddhi poetry and prose with both transliteration and translation into English. It is available for free download below.

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This video has the Gujarati alongside English transliteration and translation of Agna Bhakti poetry and prose.


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