Shibirs (Meditation retreats)

To aid aspirants in their practice of meditation, which can often become a difficult task in the midst of worldly lives, meditation retreats or ‘shibirs’ are organised on a monthly basis in the Ashram.

Aspirants who participate in the ‘Ekant maun’ or silent-solitude retreats observe complete silence for five days and live in solitude. During the day they engage in five hour-long meditation sessions and attend one discourse by Bhaishree where he explains some of the most spiritually significant scriptural compositions. Participants provide detailed feedback about their experiences and obstacles in meditation and in-turn receive personalised guidance from the Brahmnishts.

The feedback that is received after the shibirs truly indicates how deeply transformative these retreats have been for participants.

Dress Code for Ekant Maun Shibir

- Fully white coloured clothes (no coloured embroidery / Bharat work on it, white embroidery is ok)

- Dupatta compulsory for females.

- Choose more comfortable bottom wear like salwar, palazzo etc (Avoid tight fitting bottom wear. Leggings / tights will be allowed only if the top is below the knees and it doesn't have a slit.)

Upcoming Shibirs


Ekant Maun Shibir

Ekant Maun Shibir is a spiritual retreat held for 5 days for intensive spiritual striving in a conducive external environment. Participants stay in silence and in isolation during the entire shibir.

Application for shibirs is strict and only open to those Ashram members with dhyan prapti. Acceptance for the shibirs is decided by Param Pujya Bhaishree and Brahmnishts. You can download the application form here. Those participating are requested to wear white coloured clothing.

Aradhana Shibir

Simultaneous to the Ekant Maun Shibir is the Aradhana Shibir. This is open to all, however the meditations are only for those instructed in dhyan. Registration is still required for the Aradhana Shibir but can be done on the day of arrival.

Yuva Shibir

A yuva shibir, held once a year in December, is for those spiritual seekers taking their first steps on the path and is open to all, regardless of age. The Yuva swadhyays or discussions are conducted by Br. Minalben and Br. Vikrambhai in English and simple Gujarati. There is plenty of opportunity for questions as well as meeting Brahmnishts on a one-to-one basis for discussions and clarifications. Registration for the yuva shibir can be done on arrival to the Ashram.