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Aradhana & Yuva Shibir - Dec 2019

Aradhana & Yuva Shibir

25th - 31st Dec 2019

This 7 day Aradhana and Yuva Shibir in December is an opportunity to reflect on the past year, contemplate on our priorities and forge strength to move forward in our spiritual goals.

The Yuva Shibir is for those spiritual seekers taking their first steps on the path and is open to all, regardless of age. The swadhyays of the Yuva Shibir are conducted by Br. Minalben and Br. Vikrambhai in English and simple Gujarati.

The daily programme includes morning agnabhakti, puja in the Deraser, swadhyays, atma siddhi recitation, reflection and personal study, devotional bhakti singing and dhyan for those initiated in meditation.

Prior registration is not required, however please book your room in advance (through our website) so that we can plan for your stay.