Lineage of Truth: The Enlightened Teachers of Sayla


Shrimad Rajchandra’s true inner legacy of self-realisation remained alive against all odds in the little village of Sayla, Gujarat. During his frequent visits to Sayla to spend time with his spiritual soulmate and benefactor, Shree Saubhagbhai, Shrimad would often deliver soulful sermons.  Thanks to these visits and his numerous writings, letters, poems and such other material, several sincere seekers were empowered to attain the highest states of self awareness. Indeed the words of an enlightened master are like seedlings planted in the hearts of seekers, sooner or later they are bound to flower into the tree of spirituality.

Saubhagbhai’s cousin, Shree Shyamaldas Sheth was the first in this esteemed lineage of enlightened masters. Shyamaldasbhai's keen eye identified Shree Kalidas Mavji Doshi as a sincere seeker and by his grace, Kalidashbhai attained self-realisation. Further, Shyamaldasbhai passed on this esoteric wisdom and technique of meditation to his daughter Smt. Maniben who had been widowed at a young age. By the grace of Maniben and the cultivation of Kalidasbhai, Shree Vrajlal Devji Belani and Shree Chhotalal Desai attained enlightenment. Thus for several decades after the passing away of Shrimad Rajchandra and Saubhagbhai, the essence of their esoteric wisdom was kept alive by a discreet group of seekers. The spiritual writings and poems of these masters contain within them the distilled essence of the path and continue to inspire many a seeker unto this day.

Around this time a blessed child was born in Chorvira village who would one day spread the essence of Shrimad’s teachings far and wide. The boy was Shree Ladakchand Manekchand Vora, fondly addressed as Bapuji, the founder of the Raj Saubhag Satsang Mandal. At a young age, Bapuji was drawn to Kalidasbhai, Vrajlalbhai and Chhotabhai, the trio of enlightened masters in Sayla. Seeing the potential that this boy held, the three of them poured all their love and grace in teaching Bapuji.

After many years of spiritual association, and pleased with his thirst for knowledge, they initiated him in the Sudharas technique of meditation and to their amazement Bapuji attained self-realisation within a matter of a few days.

Bapuji remained so self-contained that, except for his immediate spiritual compatriots, nobody realised his spiritual achievements. He remained a silent householder performing his duties to the best of his capabilities. For forty years he kept his spiritual attainment to himself. It is a matter of great fortune that Bapuji was eventually discovered by the late great seeker Shantibhai Ambani.