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Idar Jatra

Idar Jatra

7 - 8th March 2016

Living in wilderness, saints walk the path of truth. The Mountains and the Valley get filled with their divinity and then, for years the sacred land keeps sanctifying many souls who tread the path they have walked. "Idar" is one such divine destination. Param Krupalu Dev's fearless soul, sang the holy verses of "Dravyanuyog" which echoed his inner Joy and Exuberance.

With P.P.Bhaishree, we have one more opportunity to embrace and experienceParam Krupaludev's profound divinity.


Arrival to IDAR on Monday 7th March 2016 with an overnight stay. Programme includes the pilgrimage to the temples in the hills, Swadhyay and Bhakti. Departure on 8th March 2016 post lunch on to arrive in Sayla that evening.

Mumukshus traveling from Mumbai should reach Ahmedabad before 6.30am on 7th March 2016. Travel from Ahmedabad to Idar and to Sayla will be arranged. Cost as per actuals.

Dresscode: White for all.

Registration is required by 8th Feb 2016. Please contact your local centre managers.