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Br. Bhupatbhai's UK Visit - May 2016

Br. Bhupatbhai's UK Visit

24th May - 1st June 2016

By the grace and infinite compassion of Param Pujya Bhaishree, Br. Bhupatbhai is visiting the UK this May 2016. It gives us immense pleasure to share with you the timetable of his trip. We look forward to joining with you all in Satsang.

Swadhyay Venue: KENTON DERASER 557 Kenton Rd, Harrow HA3 9RS (*Note venue Change)

Shibir Venue: Harrow District Masonic Centre, Northwick Circle, Kenton, Middlesex, HA3 0EL

Contact: Jaysukhbhai Mehta,, 07830 294060

Shibir Registration: Registration only required for the Shibir. You can either give your name to a committee member, or you can apply online below:

Picnic in the Park: Kew Gardens trip with Br. Bhupatbhai

On Tuesday 31st May we hope to do a day trip and picnic with Br. Bhupatbhai to Kew Gardens in London. This would be weather dependant. Details will be finalised closer to the time. Those wanting to come would have to organise their own food and transport for the day. Note Kew entrance fees would also apply please see their website for details.

If you are planning to join please give us your name by filling out this form.

Mumukshus are welcome to seek one-to-one guidance from Br. Bhupatbhai. We request that priority be given to those unable to travel to India frequently and the elderly. If you would like a 'chakasni' or simply seek some personal guidance please inform one of the committee members or inform us on the registration form. A date, time and venue will be communicated to those who can be accommodated. We request that timelines be strictly adhered to.

Despite being 74 years old and having recently undergone surgery, Br. Bhupatbhai is travelling to the UK under Bhaishree's instruction for the sole purpose of our spiritual upliftment and guidance. Let us wholeheartedly take full advantage of this opportunity not only for our own progress, but to show our commitment so that Bhaishree may continue to send us a Brahmanisht every year.

Please note the cost of the meditation shibir has been heavily subsidised so as to allow maximum participation. We would like to invite sponsorship for the venue hire (any amount is welcome) as well as for the three lunches during the weekend. If you wish to take the benefit of sponsoring a meal as an individual or a group, please inform a committee member.

Yours Sincerely

Raj Saubhag UK Committee