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Navnat Swadhyay: The Precious Opportunity In Our Hands

Anitya Bhavana: Insights from Shant Sudharas, the Nectar of Tranquillity.

Every moment the world around us changes. Our possessions, our loved ones, even our own thoughts and body is subject to change. Given this reality about life, how can we find peace and a sense of security? What do we rely upon when all we hold onto is destructible and untrustworthy?

It is a rare encounter with Truth that wakes us up to this ever changing reality. Underlying this is the constant of Truth, the pure Self. It is the one thing that we can put faith into, the only thing that will stay with us forever.

Param Pujya Bhaishree, spiritual head of Shree Raj Saubhag Ashram, will share his insights on the path of self-realisation, illuminated by Bhagwan Mahavir and alive still today in the hearts of Enlightened Souls.

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Fri 25th May 2018

8 - 10 PM

Navnat Vanik Association, Printing House Lane, Hayes, UB3 1AR

This event is open to all. Registration is not required.

Language: Gujarati

Free of charge


Navnat Vanik Association

Printing House Lane, Hayes, UB3 1AR

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