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LMV Girls High School & College

LMV Girls High school


The region around Sayla is very conservative in its outlook and parents often do not support their daughters to travel long distances for education, if they support education at all. There was no facility within the local district of 75 villages in which girls could obtain a secondary education. Bapuji always had the upliftment of the local community in his heart and particularly empathised with the disadvantaged situation of women.

In 1997 Raj Saubhag Ashram established‘Shree Ladakchand Manekchand Vora (LMV) Girls High School in Sayla town. It started with 40 girls attending 8th standard but over time, classes up to 12th standard were established and now a total of 411 girls attend the high school.

The school has been expanded to a modern 16,000 sq.ft. landmark building in Sayla and is equipped with modern classrooms, laboratories and IT rooms. This has allowed the achievement of some of the highest results in Surendranagar district for several years. Exam results for 10th and 12th Standards are currently at the top of the Surendranagar league tables.

The ethos of the school in this small rural town differs from those in a similar environment. The Principal, Shree Chandrakantbhai Vyas, has created an environment where the girls are given considerable freedom to express their opinions, organise their own activities, take part in the running of the school and made to feel responsible for their own success. They have the opportunity to participate in many extra-curricular activities to help the girls build more cultured and confident personalities such as classes in classical dance, drama and self-defence. There are many group discussions, debates and elocution lessons in which the girls are encouraged to express and develop their own thoughts and opinions. They also learn about morals, ethics, social work, active citizenship, domestic and public hygiene and environmental conservation.

These activities have not only empowered the girls, educated them and equipped them with broad skills and qualifications, but also has developed them into beacons within their communities. As ambassadors of the school, the girls aid in its reputation of excellence.

LMV Girls High School & College: introductory video

Click on the video link here to view an insightful indtroductory video on the LMV Girls High School and College.

LMV College

Previously after completing their 12th standard, many students would either leave education or have to travel long distances to access higher education, which proved particularly difficult for girls. Raj Saubhag Ashram therefore opened the first ever college in Sayla. Working alongside the University of Saurashtra, Shree Ladakchand Manekchand Vora (LMV) College was established in 2007 to offer degrees such as Bachelor of Arts.

Starting with only 11 girls in attendance, today 294 young women attend the college from 25 neighbouring villages. In 2013, the College achieved a 100% pass rate, with 12 girls graduating with Distinction and a further 12 girls passing with 1st class honours.