Travelling by taxi to Sayla


Taxi contacts

A taxi can be obtained from any of the Airports and Train Stations, but may be unsuitable or unwilling to travel long distances.

Local Taxis contacts:

  • Jayeshbhai is our Ashram Kitchen Manager. He has been supported to start a private taxi service for mumukshus. Note this is not an Ashram owned service. He has a small Santro and larger Suszuki Ecco car. Both suitable for upto 4 passengers. Rohitbhai, his partner, also drives a large Tavera car which is for 1 - 8 passengers. Contact Mobile: +91 8264250982

    • He will:
      - Confirm your booking and be available for messaging on whatsapp. If you provide your photo it will help them find you in case you don't have a mobile phone handy.
      - Will provide you the name, photo and contact number of the driver - Currently the drivers are Rohitbhai and Hasmukhbhai, both are very familiar with the Ashram and to many of us.
      - He will ensure that the drivers drive carefully. If you are not happy with the driving then say so during the trip and feed it back to Jayeshbhai. They are happy to take feedback.
      - The driver will come to the pick up point in time.
      - The drivers will carry a sign with your name on it and the Raj Saubhag Logo. They will wait inside the airport at the arrivals greeting point to find you providing a meet and greet service for no extra charge.
      - All charges are fixed and transparent. (Ahmedabad Rs 2400, Rajkot Rs 1700, Surendranagar Rs 600. Costs are same for both the Santro and Ecco cars but the Tavera is more expensive). If the journey is not a direct one to the Ashram then extra charges may apply.

    • - Gujarati is their primary language and English may go misunderstood. Be clear with all communications and you must speak to Jayeshbhai by phone in person. Do not assume a booking is made unless he has sent you confirmation.
      - Vehicles have a luggage rack for extra luggage.

  • Naval Sinh runs a reliable taxi service based in Sayla and is well acquainted with the Ashram. Mobile: +91 9825252135, Home: +91 2755280407. He has a variety of vehicles to suit different needs from 7 seater Toyota Innova, a skoda octavia to smaller 4 seater cars.

  • Bharatbhai is based in Ahmedabad and has a variety of vehicles to suit different needs small to large 7 seaters. He is famliliar with the Sayla Ashram. Contact Mobile: +91 9879165829

  • Jitubhai Mori is based in Sayla and well acquainted with the Ashram. He has a large Tavera and smaller cars available. Contact Mobile: +91 9825257013


Advice when taking taxis:

  • Ensure you book beforehand, confirm the day and time and give your contact details as well as the pick up location and drop off point. Be clear about your flight or train bookings (If flight inform them from where the flight is coming from so they can track it.

  • Gujarati is the spoken language and many drivers will struggle with english.

  • Check and agree the price before you book and travel (approx Rs 2,400/3,000 for a single journey to Ahmedabad Airport depending on the size of taxi booked and whether you need air conditioning, check the toll charges are included).

  • Ask for the driver's name and the taxi license plate for safety reasons.

  • Ask for the driver to stand at the arrivals exit with a name board to greet you. (they may charge you extra for the airport car parking fee upto Rs 100)

  • Re-confirm the taxi booking the day before you travel

  • NOTE THESE TAXI SERVICES ARE RUN PRIVATELY AND NOT BY RAJ SAUBHAG ASHRAM. Therefore the Ashram cannot take responsibility for these services.

  • If you use the taxi services for longer journeys check and be clear about all extra charges - price per km, fuel, tolls, over night stays, driver meals etc