Prem Ni Parab - Nishtha Vruddhi Chintan Shibir


With the noble intent of further improving the education conditions in Sayla taluka (block consisting of 75 villages) and enhancing the devotion and dedication of the teachers towards education, Prem ni Parab which entered it’s glorious 15th year (started in 2005), organised "Nishtha Vruddhi Chintan Shibir” on 20th July in the Raj Mandir of Shree Raj Saubhag Ashram, Sayla. 

It was the third event that took place since the past year and marked presence of 850 teachers, which is a big feat to gather from a Government school. The shibir was held in the presence of Param Pujya Bhaishree, Prem Ni Parab Committee members Brahmnishts Minalben and Vikrambhai and District Primary Education Officer H. H. Chaudhary. Two very distinguished speakers of the event were Professor Deepak Taraiya and Dr. Bhadrayu Vachharajya.

Introducing the event, Prem Ni Parab Project Director Mr Chandrakant Vyas emphasised upon the importance of being dedicated and committed (nishtha) to a purpose. He said the shibir was organised with the aim to bring about a shift in the thought process of the teachers.


Bhaishree's address to the teachers

"પોતાનું કામ શ્રેષ્ઠ રીતે કરવું એના જેવો બીજો ધર્મ નથી."
- પૂજ્ય ભાઈશ્રી

Warmly welcoming teachers and principals, Param Pujya Bhaishree said:

Teachers form the basis of intrinsic strength of any nation, and when teachers impart education with full devotion and dedication, their service to the cause of a strong nation increases manifold. He narrated contextual incidences which further explained the importance of values.

He explained that commitment and single-mindedness brings discipline to life and makes us value time. There are many ways to achieve success in life, but there is only one way to give meaning to life and that is through purposefulness and wholehearted commitment. Lord Krishna had also established the importance of "Karma Yog" in Bhagavad Gita. Be it worldly or spiritual endeavours, dedicated sustained efforts is the key to progress. 

Bhaishree highlighted the quality of reverence as essential for the spiritual path and reverence towards True God, Enlightened Master and True Religion is the very core of spiritual progress. Doing one’s daily agna (spiritual duties) with sincerity will ensure progress on this path.

A teacher is also called 'Guru' because s/he bears the responsibility of uplifting humankind. Hence a teacher needs to be skilled and able to adapt to the changing needs of the world. Being experimental and creative are two important qualities of being a great teacher. Such qualities can be developed by inculcating high values and observing a disciplined life.

Concluding his address, Bhaishree said, “The upliftment of education in this entire area rests on your shoulders. You are the carrier of Prem Ni Parab and I experience pride in this.”

Professor Deepak Taraiya's Address


An expert in Child Psychology and a resource person of UNICEF (Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh), Professor Deepak Teraiya has 21 years of experience in the field of Training, Education and Development. 

In his unique style, and sharing from his experience of being a student as well as a teacher, he said: 

Teaching is ASK: 

A - Attitude

S - Skill Set

K - Knowledge 

Teachers should take 4 values while going to teach and they are PHUL (meaning flower in gujarati):

P - Purity

H - Honesty

U - Unselfishness 

L - (Unconditional) Love.  

Sharing memories from his childhood, Deepakbhai gave real examples of how the attitude of teachers have a very significant, lifelong impact on all of their students. He shared, “When I was a child, I drew a caricature of my teacher in my notebook. On finding out the teacher hit me. This incident forever killed the caricaturist within me. Another incident from my childhood that I recall was how once I was mimicking teachers and other students in class. When the teacher entered the class, rather than admonishing me, she encouraged me to hone my skills. As a result, today I am acknowledged by everyone as an exceptional orator. Such is the profound impact a teacher has on a child."


Taking the audience through his motivating and adventurous teaching journey, he said that the profession demands 'Unitive Approach' and 'Guidance Approach' in order to communicate well with the students and becoming their inspiration and go-to people during troubled times. He expressed his concerns over the fact that we have departed from our roots and thus degraded the quality of life. A teacher should love, acknowledge and encourage his students. In his closing remarks, he motivated the teachers to instil the qualities of honesty and right attitude in life and perform their professional duties selflessly.

Dr. Bhadrayu Vachharaja's Address


Armed with 36-years' teaching experience, and decorated with the "Kalam ane kaya thi ganpati" award by Morari Bapu, Dr. Bhadrayu Vachharajani, gave up his comfortable permanent job at Bank of Baroda to follow his passion - teaching. 

An impressive orator and writer, Dr. Bhadrayu emphasised on the three domains of education: 

  1. Cognitive 

  2. Psychomotor

  3. Affective

He highlighted the importance for teachers to be well read, because, one who does not read, does not think, and one who does not think, cannot change his/her thought process. He stated the 3 aspects that should be kept in mind by teachers in today’s scenario:

  1. Teachers should be upright and have good etiquette (there are some teachers in government schools that do not dress properly; some chew tobacco even in the classroom and some who put their legs on the table while teaching). 

  2. They should be knowledgeable, health-conscious and prompt in answering questions and doubts.

  3. Teachers should have self esteem.


Testimonial of a Teacher

Post the shibir, one of the teachers of Bhaduka Primary School, Ms. Geentanjali Dave, shared her satisfying experience on Facebook. 

Screenshot of the teacher's facebook post:


An extract from the teacher's sharing (English translation): 

“Ever since I heard that senior educationists, Dr. Bhadrayu and Deepakbhai were going to address all of our teaching faculty, including 800 teachers, BRC’s (Block Resource Coordinators), CRC’s (Cluster Resource Coordinators –officers from the department who are assigned the tasks of providing education and other support to teachers apart from monitoring their activities), BRP’s (Block Resource Person) and TPEO’s (Taluka Primary Education Officers), I was really looking forward to learning and gaining the much needed knowledge for professional growth and development. Their speeches highlighted the importance of dedication to the teaching profession in moulding young minds, personal hygiene and inculcating humane qualities as a teacher and a member of society.

…Deepakbhai's childhood incidents moved me and made me reflect upon my own actions. I realised the powerful impact teachers have on each student. His words still echo in my heart,” concludes Ms. Geentanjali Dave

In news

The shibir got featured in the newspaper, Divya Bhaskar dated 21-07-2019


LMV College - Unveiling of Babasaheb Ambedkar Open University Study Centre


A giant leap forward:

Sayla and its surrounding villages will now have their own girl graduates.

During the Guru Purnima celebrations in Sayla, on 15th of July, the historic collaboration between L.M.Vora College of Arts and Commerce and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Open University (affiliated to Government of Gujarat offering distance learning diploma and degree programs) was announced by Pujya Bhaishree and project director Chandrakantbhai Vyas by lighting the ceremonial lamp in the Raj Mandir.

IMG_7077 (1).jpg

In a village like Sayla, where a mere 20 years ago, educating the girl child beyond primary school and sending her to high school was unimaginable; slowly but surely a tectonic shift is taking place, due to the Prem ni Parab project launched by Shree Raj Saubhag Ashram under the guidance of Param Pujya Bhaishree, over 15 years ago.  Now, girls would be able to spread their wings and become university graduates without opposition from family members and society. All this has been achieved due to the tireless efforts and vision of Bhaishree.

The available degree courses would be M.A (Master of Arts), B. Com (Bachelor of Commerce), BPP (Bachelor Preparatory Programme) and CCC Computer course. L.M.Vora College will now be one of the study centres for Dr. Ambedkar Open University.

Project director Chandrakantbhai Vyas said: “I have always explained to my girl students, that education is the main reason for all progress – intellectual, economic and social progress. The L M Vora girls students are making their place in the whole district. To all those who support educating the girl child, I say that this is superior to all other donations. When we started the Arts and Commerce college, there were 7 enrolments in the first year. Today, over 500 girls are studying in this college. In the same way, we have 11 admission applications for the graduation course, and I can foresee that this number will grow to hundreds and thousands. The ceremonial lamp that has just been lighted will drive away the darkness of illiteracy. I thank Pujya Bhaishree again and again for his unflinching support and vision.”


 Addressing over 200 college students and over a thousand other mumukshus present at the occasion, Bhaishree said: “On the spiritual path, the heart of a seeker must carry feelings of benevolence for the self and others.  It is with these very feelings that spirituality begins, for our very being is connected with every being and every element in this universe. Our upliftment resides in the upliftment of all. When our own upliftment is connected to the upliftment of all, only then will our devotion be meaningful.  Param Pujya Bapuji has graced us with this noble legacy. It is for this reason that this ashram has become not only a centre for the spiritual striving of seekers, but also a centre for empathy and empowerment for the whole extended community”.  

Adding perspective Pujya Bhaishree said: “The level of education in this entire area was traditionally, very low.  With the establishment of the high school and girls’ college in Sayla, the standard of education has improved dramatically, such that we now have over 500 girls studying in college. The situation will be further enhanced when this region will witness over a 100-girl students graduating from the University every year. To those who are familiar with the ground realities, this is amazing progress in the field of education. An educated girl is the foundation of a developed society, community and family. We are about to witness this revolution in a very short period of time.”


Param Pujya Bhaishree’s Ashirvachan

Grand Celebration of Prem ni Parab Annual Day award ceremonies – January 2019

As every year, the annual day celebrations of the 130 schools under ‘Prem Ni Parab’ project, was conducted in the premises of Raj Saubhag Ashram, Sayla. This is the 15th consecutive year of ‘Prem Ni Parab’ project; and all the schools sent their representatives, teachers, award winning students to attend the function.

Presided over by Pujya Bhaishree, the event had Shri Muktanandji Bapu (from Brahmanand Vidya Dham) as its chief guest. Other dignitaries present at the event included the chief of Gujarat Kelavani Parishad – Shri Mansukhbhai Salla; government official Shri Girishbhai Gadhvi, project director of Prem Ni Parab – Shri Chandrakantbhai Vyas, Smt Minalben Shah among others.


Lighting of the ceremonial lamp was followed by excellent performances by the students. When students from small villages and poor families match the expertise and confidence of students from affluent families living in large metros, it filled every heart with pride at the milestones crossed by the entire education upliftment programme (Prem Ni Parab) in these largely neglected areas.  

Awards were given to the best student of the year – male and female category, as well as the best teacher and school award was given away too.

Best School Award – Khetla Kumar Primary School

Best Teacher Award – Dinesh Gatorbhai Waghela of Naanchandraji Smarak Primary School

Best Female Student Award – Dhrumi Muliya (Meghmani Primary School)

Best Male Student Award – Pravin Arjanbhai Palani (Kumar Primary School, Doliya)


Expressing complete satisfaction at the progress made in education sector in and around Sayla, chief guest Muktanandji Bapu said every student should always bear in mind that he walks and follows the constructive path and not any kind of destructive path. The entire program began at 9 am and ended at 6 pm, witnessing the participation of over 2000 people.

When students turn teachers

Many primary students studying in the schools in Sayla Taluka lag behind their classmates in reading, writing and mathematics.  70 girl students studying in schools run by Raj Saubhag Ashram Sayla offered to tutor extra classes to help these students cope, taking the load off from the State Government.  Over 2000 students from 65 schools in 35 villages are receiving extra coaching in this novel initiative where students have turned teachers.  This is their way of giving back to the society – a valuable lesson they were taught in school.


The primary students that will receive extra coaching hail from Kashipara, Naliya, 4 schools in Sudamada,  9 primary schools from Sayla, Navaniya, Khitala among others.

The girl students who have benefitted from a hugely subsidised education in L M Vora College, have volunteered to take extra classes on the weekends. Along with the coaching classes, they are making progress and report cards to monitor the progress of each child.

Tejal Aal and Payal Katosana say: “It is our goal and earnest desire that every student reaches 100% of their potential, and they are able to read, write and calculate effortlessly.”

Applauding their initiative, Principal and Director of Prem ni Parab project, C K Vyas said: “This Prem ni Parab project has been instrumental in imparting quality education to over 25,000 students in the region. And now these college students are using their spare time to coach underperforming students and nurture their growth right from the beginning.”

Summer Camp in Science Center, Sayla 2018

A 4-day summer camp was organized in the Science Center in Sayla, between 18th and 21stApril.  Forty-five students from 7 schools participated in the program which consisted of over 60 different activities including science experiments, paper models, activities to demystify maths and mathematical equations, audio-visual presentation about the planets and solar system. 

In an informative and inspiring speech, project director of Prem Ni Parab project, Shri Chandrakantbhai Vyas encouraged the students to weave science into their daily lives, supporting his speech by giving many examples.  Principals and teachers  from many other schools were also present to encourage and teach the students, who were given certificates of participation at the end of the course


Young women tested for Thalassemia free-of-cost

Over 200 young women were screened for Thalassaemia in a community health fair organised by Raj Saubhag Ashram Sayla and Indian Red Cross Society, Ahmedabad.  It is important for individuals to be aware of their thalassemia trait status, particularly individuals of reproductive age. Depending on the haemoglobin type of a current or future partner, future children may be at risk for thalassaemia disease or other related haemoglobin diseases. It has been often debated about how the time was right to have a national Thalassemia policy in India. The first case of thalassaemia in India was reported in 1938 and every year about 10,000 children with thalassemia major are born in India, according to a report published in the Hindu.

The Thalasseamia and Sickle Cell Prevention health fair was organised for young women of marriageable age as part of a Control and Research Programme in the premises of L M Vora College of Arts and Commerce, Sayla.

The event was featured in the local newspapers.


LMV Girls High College celebrates its 10th and 12th Standard Graduation and Leaving ceremony

27th February 2017

On this day Shree LMV Girls High School and College celebrated the 10th anniversary of the college, the graduation of 10th and 12th standard as well as Param Pujya Ladakchand Bapuji's Birthday.

Head teacher Shree Chandrakantbhai Vyas reaffirmed the school and college's aim to give all girls the opportunity of education, independence and freedom in life, whatever their background and ability. He gave his heart felt blessings and best wishes to the graduating girls and best wishes for those sitting exams.

The atmosphere created in the school is that of a family. Love, support, education, life lessons, and friendship. The teachers see their students as their children, and now that they are leaving they were overcome with emotion. The students in reciprocation were grateful for everything they had received, they expressed their love for the school, the protective nurturing environment, the advice from the teachers and the friendships they had made. In their dances, their plays and their orations they marked their gratitude. The leaving students make a collection every year to donate equipment to the school as their leaving legacy. Microphone and speaker systems, carpets for the assembly hall, whatever the need they fulfill to their ability. Such a harmonious friendship is rare to witness between the students, their school and teachers. A privilege to witness. The students welcomed all the visitors with hand drawn individual cards made by the students themselves. over 50 cards were given, each with a beautiful message or quote from a Mahatma.

Param Pujya Bhaishree, Br. Minalben and Br. Vikrambhai gave their blessings to departing students: "live you life immersed always in good thought (suvicharna), be noble and truthful in all you, realise your weaknesses and cultivate yourself to become all you can be, expand your potential and there is nothing you cannot achieve in life. Above all imbibe spirituality into your lives."

Gift of Buddha Bhagwan picture to Chandrakantbhai Vyas for the school's principal office.

Gift of Buddha Bhagwan picture to Chandrakantbhai Vyas for the school's principal office.