Medical Camp at Sayla Community Health Centre - 2010

A very successful first ever medical camp was held at the Civic Health Centre Sayla. The management of thisHealth Centre was transferred by the State Health Ministry to Raj Saubhag in April 2009 to improve the quality of medical services delivered to the people of Sayla.

In eleven months since the transfer of management, substantial changes have been implemented. First and most important being the availability of medical services 24 hours a day seven days a week.  Many specialist services have been introduced but as we will below we still have a long way to go.

Over last 25 years Raj Saubhag has successful undertaken several humanitarian activities in an around Sayla. The primary reason for the success of the projects undertaken by Raj Saubhag has been Param Pujya Bhaishree's vision and foresight in either securing partnership (not assistance) from a well established organisation which has at heart objectives similar to ours or employing professionals who also have the dedication to serve.

Here is one more example of this partnership. Since we took over the management of the hospital P P Bhaishree has been encouraging the development of the leading Indian pharmaceutical and hospital group, Wockhardt's hospital in Sayla. This group is well known for its philanthropy.  Through Bhaishree's guidance, our Rajkot team had built up good relationship with the management of the hospital in Rajkot.

Our medical team in Sayla had been assessing the medical needs in Sayla and initially arranged with C U Shah Hospital, Surendranagar to provide regular visits by their medical staff to provide the specialist services we are not able to offer. This is yet another example of building bridges to ensure our success. But the demand for the medical services could not be satisfied. This just goes to show how the Sayla populace has been deprived of specialist medical services.

To fill this gap it was arranged with Wockhardt hospital to provide their medical specialist for one day satisfy some of the needs.

The camp was arranged on 14th February.  The table below gives details of the services sought and provided.

To date Sonography has never been undertaken by an expert in Sayla. Once again having built a lasting relationship with our suppliers, the Rajkot team was able to convince the Rajkot distributor of L & T Medical to not only bring their Sonography unit to Sayla but also to provide an expert to operate the machine.

Dr Mayatra our hospital superintendent and members of the Rajkot team, Nilesh Sheth, Sachin Bavishi and Hiteshbhai Sheth have formed a powerful working team to ensure that the people of Sayla get the utmost out of the facilities available in Sayla by injecting new life blood  in to what had become a non effective money draining institution.

Param Pujya Bhaishree has created a platform which has been brought to life by our local members in Rajkot and Sayla, let us all join hands and help them continue their mission of transforming thousands of lives.