Pujya Bhaishree and Gujarat Minister lay foundation stone of C.U.Shah University Surendranagar

Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself.

Empowering youth should be a priority of every society, and the most potent form of empowering youth is through education and knowledge.  Keeping this as their guiding light, the trustees of C U Shah charitable trust donated a generous amount of Rs 2,00,00,000/- (2 crores) in the form of a fixed deposit to C.U Shah University, Surendranagar and the interest earned from this will be used to present scholarships to students.

Present at this auspicious foundation-laying event in the presence of Pujya Bhaishree, were a host of eminent personalities like the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Anandiben Patel, Education Minister, Bhupendra Singh Chudasma, MLA Varsha ben Doshi, and Chancellor of the C.U Shah University, Dr. J.G Sanghvi, State Head of the Panchayat – Jayantibhai Kavadiya, Rajya Sabha MP– Shankarbhai Vegal, Poonambhai Makvana, Head of the District Panchayat – Bachubhai Patel, District Secretary in-Charge– Shahmina Hussain, District Collector – Udit Agarwal, District Development Officer –  J.K Astik, District Police Superintendent – R.V Asari,  Nayab district Police Superintendent – Punnaben Momaya, BJP President of the District – Dilipbhai Patel, Head of the Municipality in Surendranagar – Vipinbhai Toliya, Head of the Municipality in Vadhvan – Niruben Patel


Welcoming the esteemed guests, Minalben Shah said: “This is truly a golden day because my father C.U Shah’s wish has now been fulfilled. To lay the foundation of the university to ensure it’s bright future is now in our hands and by working together we can achieve this goal.  His country and Gujarat state was as dear to my father as his own family. We sincerely hope that the quality of education provided by C.U. Shah University will be exceptional and will produce outstanding students that will make their country proud.”

Pujya Bhaishree gave his blessings through a resonating “Om” and said: “Along with good quality education which will be imparted at this institution, instilling human values is also equally important. Along with that imbibing spirituality will bring peace and happiness that every living soul craves for.  This will then become a university where students will obtain knowledge in all spheres. I had known C.U Shah for 35 years. His life had a goal and he strived each day to reach this goal.  He was a successful businessman, a good judge of people and used his immense wealth to establish humanitarian organizations, using his acumen to ensure that each social organization was able to operate independently. Even at the age of 91 years, he would say that I still have a lot to do and achieve. I hope that C.U Shah University makes rapid progress and that people’s living standards improve. I give these blessings from deep within my heart and wish C.U Shah University all the best in all its endeavours.”

Honourable Chief Minister Anandiben Patel stressed on the power of the youth and how they can contribute towards the growth of the nation by educating themselves in the fields of history, Sanskrit and geography, and by electing to become teachers and professors. Further, the chief minster added that the 21st century is essentially an era of knowledge and technology and hence, it is everybody’s duty and responsibility to prepare the youth for this challenge.

She added: “As we approach the prestigious Vibrant Gujarat Summit it is of most importance that we augment our skilled human capital through broadening and extending the education of our youth in the fields of mathematics, science and technical education. I request Ph.D. students to conduct research on how the provision of drinking water in the area will impact the lives of people living there, and if they happen to find useful information or missing links during their research I hope that they will share it with the government. This is how the Government forms schemes with help from universities. Unfortunately, what is going on at present is just the opposite. The research work is not reaching the government and hence they are not able to benefit from it. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and myself have been spreading this message while attending events at universities. If a university develops a method by which buildings don’t collapse even during an earthquake, then the state will benefit from it. There are numerous universities that have been launched in the last 12-13 years. By getting higher education and through their hard work and good conduct, students can compete internationally. Conduct research such that the education system strengthens further and conduct exploration of the vividness and diversity of this nation.”

Encouraging schools and universities to undertake this social responsibility, the chief minister pledged to adopt 5 villages and work towards the further development of its education, cultural activities, hygiene and rehabilitation centers.

Education Minister Bhupendra Siingh Chudasma said: “Indian universities are nowhere in the list of the world’s top 200 universities. We must make a firm resolution to put an Indian university’s name on this list within the next 10 years. I have resolved that, the Indian university that will make it first to the world’s top 200 will be from Gujarat. This is not impossible. If society, institutions and teachers and professors unite, then they can overcome any obstacle to achieve this goal.”

MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly) Varshaben Doshi commented: “This day will forever be etched in golden letters in the history of Surendranagar district because the most basic needs such as the supply of drinking water and education have now been brought into the lives of the common man, which will definitely ensure their well being. The seed of knowledge that has been sowed here today at C.U Shah University will definitely make possible the dream of making this University an exceptional one.”