Ekant Maun Shibir - January 2016: Samya Shatak

Samya Shatak

Author: Upadhyay Yashovijayji Maharaj

Dates: 23 - 27th January 2016


Samya Shatak

Without Sambhav or equanimity one cannot progress on this path of liberation. It is the key to removing the delusion of Darshan Mohniya and achieving the true perspective of Samyak Darshan that comes with the experience of the self, the soul.

To reach this goal one must accomplish the state of Unmanibhav and Aman Dasha where one's concentration has detached from the body, the 5 senses and the worries of the mind. In this state one's attention can be turned inwards and become 'Leen' or immersed in the nectar of equanimity.

Our attention is constantly drawn outwardly in the pursuit of illusionary happiness in the body and the world around us. This is due to our attachment and delusion. By contemplating on the reality of the world we may cultivate detachment to these external attractions, derive satisfaction in one's self, find freedom from greed, worries, desires and let go of Raag and Dvesh or likes and dislikes. This culminates in a contented acceptance of the fruition of one's own karmas and a journey inwards to enjoy the peaceful bliss within.

We can use tools such as the 12 Bhavnas or contemplations along with the 4 Bhavanas of Maitri (friendship), Pramod (appreciation of beautiful inner qualities of others), Karuna (compassion), Madhyasthata (equanimity) and the inspirational lives of self-realised saints to help us on this journey.

Ultimately we need to cultivate the quality of Vivek, or discriminative power. This is the tool that opens our inner perspectives and allows us to recognise our own true nature distinct from all else. To cultivate vivek one's intellect must be purified from the bias' of the deluded passions through upsham and vairagya. As the ego dissolves and the identity with the body loosens, the mind stills and this third eye of pure discrimination opens. The shackles of Moh loosen their grip and one can see beyond the surface with clarity and explore the depths of the inner world and experience the beauty of the soul.

Ekant Maun Shibir

Ekant Maun Shibir is a spiritual retreat held for 5 days for intensive spiritual striving in a conducive external environment. Participants stay in silence and in isolation during the entire shibir.

The daily programme included Param Pujya Bhaishree's param satsang on the topic of Samya Shatak by Upadhyay Yashovijayji Maharaj over the 5 days. There was 5 hours of meditation daily along with self-study, contemplation and devotional bhakti.

Aradhana Shibir

Simulataneous to the Ekant Maun Shibir was an Aradhana Shibir. This was open to all. Param Pujya Bhaishree's satsang was broadcast from the Ekant Maun Shibir. In the afternoon there was a Swadhyay series conducted by the Brahmanishts. Those with Dhyan pratpti conducted 4 hours of meditation daily along with self-study, contemplation and devotional bhakti.