IVY Swadhyay - Shrimad Rajchandra Vachanamrut Letter 194

IVY Swadhyay - Dec 2015

During the IVY swadhyay for November and December 2015, letter number 194, (translated into English by mumukshu Sujit Nagda), was discussed and valuable insights were given by Brahmnisht Minalben and Brahmnisht Vikrambhai.

Though letter number 194 was written to Prabhushree Lalluji Maharaj, one of the foremost disciples of Krupalu Dev; this quintessential letter addresses all aspirants of Moksh Marg, since the letter highlights the core foundation of the path.

Each line of the letter exudes divine nectar. Minalben emphasized certain points to underscore the importance of unquestioned and sincere faith in Holy Trinity – Satdev, Satguru and Sat-shastra. Even admist social events related to studies/work/ responsibilities, mumukshus should strive to keep the Guru’s teachings in his heart. In adverse situations too, one must always remember the unconditional love and blessings showered upon us by our Guru and seek his guidance when things seem out of control.  This selfless worship will make us stronger, anchors our thoughts to our Guru and increase our devotion.

One habit that needs to be cultivated is right perspective, said Minalben. ‘All that which is visible to my eyes in not me, and neither does it belong to me. When, what we perceive is wrong – we comprehend incorrectly and consequentially experience wrongly. My aim is to reach the soul which remains intangible so far. Thus with this committed thought, we accept there is a soul, and that soul is my true identity.”

This right perception will help us remain resolute in the face of peer pressure, social pressure, family ties, wavering mind and excessive feeling of ‘me and mine’ that is closely associated to this mortal body.

‘I shall blame no one for my incompetence, worries and disappointments. I shall cultivate the habit of looking at the brighter side of things rather than indulging in the destructive habit of being negative’.

If we truly wish to propel our boat through this rocky path of this transient world (sansaar), the 2 oars that we shall need to have to safely sail through are:

·     Unconditional surrender at the Guru’s lotus feet

·     Undeterred devotion towards him.

Who would have thought that understanding the divine words of Param Krupalu Dev can become this easy?, wondered the young mumukshus.

At a glance:
1) My faith in the Holy Trinity shall remain steadfast.
2) I shall never let any obstacles obstruct my faith in my Guru, and God forbid, if such circumstance ever occur, I would seek my Guru’s guidance and find ways to make things right.
3) I will work so that the happiness I seek shall be found by staying devoted to Guru’s lotus feet.