IVY Swadhyay - October 2016

Happiness = Love = Self-realised Soul

The quest for Happiness is inherent in every living being – whether a newborn baby, or a person on his death bed – each one is forever seeking happiness.

Evaluating the pattern of our ‘happiness-seeking’ behavior – like receiving a gift makes us happy, new clothes brings joy, winning a lottery would make us ecstatic, receiving an appraisal can bring pleasure, a new friend can be amusing.  However, this is not true happiness.  We mistake comforts for eternal happiness.  The happiness that is dependent on external objects, people or situations is not true happiness.  Happiness is an eternal joy, coming from within. It is not dependent on people, objects or situations. We are consumed by the overwhelming need for gratification and feeling of pleasure, we thus overlook the ephemeral nature of conditional comfort and we mistake comfort for happiness.

     ‘Happiness is not a destination, it is a journey’.

Young mumukshus have heard these words of wisdom many a times. Pujya Vikrambhai adds that ‘everlasting happiness’ should be our ultimate destination. To reach the desired stage, we must set immediate goals that will lead us to our final destination. Presence of an enlightened Guru in our lives has given us an assurance that there is ‘Happy Forever’ goal for all of us as well. ‘True happiness’ is not only realistic but also achievable. We are blessed to have all the rightful ways and means to be happy in spite any negative karmas coming our way.

The question is ‘are we going to make the best of what we have got?’ or ‘are we going to be ungrateful and lose on the most wonderful opportunity?’

If we choose to make the best of the opportunity we have got, all we have to do is whole-heartedly follow the road our Guru has followed and compassionately shown us as well.

So what are these cardinal rules of happiness that makes our Guru unperturbed in difficult times and happy each waking moment?

  1. Set ‘True Happiness’ as your ultimate and immediate goal. True happiness comes and never leaves, but multiplies every single day and is not followed by any discontent.
  2. Offer unconditional surrender at enlightened Guru’s lotus feet. Divine fruits can be gained only by increasing devotion towards him.
  3. Be optimistic. Optimism is a happiness magnet. Staying positive draws good results.
  4. Minimalism is the way! The first step in crafting the life you want is to get rid of everything you don’t want.
  5.  Stay contented. Happiness isn’t getting all you want. It’s enjoying all you have.
  6. Be relaxed and enjoy doing even the things that you dislike. This is the cornerstone to the art of being happy.
  7. Be in the ‘Now’. Remembering the past brings tears and anticipating the future brings fears.
  8. Appreciate and admire the other person’s beauty and virtues, avoid comparison, be grateful and importantly accept yourself.
  9. Rejoice in giving to others. Sharing is caring.
  10. Free yourself from I, me and mine.

Once we have programmed these rules in our system, we shall be more humble, enthusiastic, compassionate and fearless. We will be passionate, hard working, determined in devoting ourselves at His Lotus feet and be efficient practitioners of love, harmony and truth.

The quality of our thoughts will enhance, our thoughts will be channelized, our perspective will be goal-orientated, our actions righteousness, our attitude – positive.