Idar Dharmayatra - March 2016

Idar Dharmayatra

7 - 8th March 2016

The Importance of Idar

Pudhvishila Path or rock on which Bhagwan Mahavir explains his meditation to Gautam Swami. It was here that Krupaludev gave his sermon on 'Dravya nu Yog' to Munishree Laghuraj Swami and seven monks.

Pudhvishila Path or rock on which Bhagwan Mahavir explains his meditation to Gautam Swami. It was here that Krupaludev gave his sermon on 'Dravya nu Yog' to Munishree Laghuraj Swami and seven monks.

Param Krupaludev made four visits to the mountains of Idar during his lifetime. It was here that he recollected his time with Lord Mahavir who also meditated in these same austere mountains along with his disciples. It was here on Pudhvi Shila Path that Gautam Swami asked Mahavir Bhagwan about his meditation. Lord Mahavir explained the essence and technique of dhyan in his sermon of Chamar no Adhikar on Pudhvishila Path (Pruthvishila path), which was recollected by Krupaludev in his personal diary Vachanamrut Letter 157, Rojnishi part 3.

At one time Krupaludev spent three months on a personal retreat, meditating in the caves, fearless of mountain lions and other creatures.

It was here that he chose to take his beloved Saubhagbhai to give him the powerful spiritual wisdom (bodh) he needed to achieve self realisation in his final days before leaving his mortal body.

In these same mountains he took Shree Laghuraj Swami and seven monks on a spiritual retreat, and explained the ancient Jain text “Dravya nu Yog” to them.

Celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Idar Ashram

This humble and naturally beautiful shelter epitomises the sentiment of the Ashram: to welcome seekers to spend time here dedicated to their inner striving, sadhana.

Celebrating 75 years, Shrimad Rajchandra Nijabhyas Mandap and Vihar Bhavan Trust are inviting all Shrimad Rajchandra ashrams to come here and celebrate Krupaludev through bhakti, satsang and meditation.

The Dharmayatra

Climbing the mountain to the spiritual chants of Br Vikrambhai mumukshus left behind their weaknesses and doubts.

Param Pujya Bhaishree was warmly welcomed by the Trustees of the Ashram. Having climbed step by step, reaffirming their strong faith and devotion mumukshus had ascended and were finally rewarded by the darshan of Shree Munisuvrat Swami - Mulnayak of the Deraser in the Ashram, and of Param Krupaludev Shrimad Rajchandra seated on the Siddhshila rock.

Following lunch and swadhyay Param Pujya Bhaishree then climbed to the peak of the mountain upon which is the Deraser of Shree Chandraprabhu Swami.

The 2 day programme in Idar consisted of Swadhyays, recitation of Atma Siddhi in the evening and Agna Bhakti in the morning, mediation, Puja and Chaityavandan in the Deraser, Arti and Mangal divo, the inauguration of the new library at the ashram, and the pujan or celebratory worship of the original Atma Siddhi Shastra handritten text by Krupaludev.

The Jatra was sponsored by Bharatbhai Mehta and family and Dharmesh

Inauguration of the new Library

Shree Raj Saubhag ashram had the privilege of sponsoring the inauguration of a new library in Idar ashram, thanks to the generosity of Brahmnisht Lalitaben and Bharatbhai Mehta and family. Shree Raj Saubhag Ashram published books alongside Shree Vachanamrutji were ceremoniously carried in a procession to the new library which was opened by Param Pujya Bhaishree.

Swadhyays taken by Param Pujya Bhaishree

In the first swadhyay Bhaishree took Shree Mohan Vijayji Maharaj Saheb's stavan of Shree Munisurat Bhagwan. Mohan Vijayji challenges Bhagwan to fulfill his desire to meet with him and become one with him. Param Pujya Bhashree pointed out that only a true disciple or a devotee expressing true bhakti is worthy of making such demands.

In the second swadhyay Bhaishree explained some choice letters from Shree Saubhagbhai written to Param Krupaludev. Bhaishree explained the intimate spiritual relationship between Saubhagbhai and Krupaludev, and how Krupaludev cultivated his dear friend and directed him on his inward journey to the goal of self-realisation.

In the short span of 7 years Krupaludev and Saubhagbhai stayed in each others company for 560 days. When apart they would write to each other several times a week. Such was the thirst of Saubhagbhai that he would write to him every few days, but Krupaludev was only able to reply to a few of these, and yet we find in the Vachnamrut 500 letters from Krupaludev to Saubhagbhai, including the epic Atmasiddhi shashtra. On average Krupaludev replied to Saubhagbhai's letters every 8 days. Despite his constraints, such was their relationship that Krupaludev always made time for Saubhagbhai and regarded his satsang with the utmost importance.

In the final swadhyay Bhaishree paid homage to the importance of Chandraprabhu Swami. It is thought that Param Krupaludev spiritual journey lies closely to Chandraprabhu Bhagwan. He used to make it a point to visit and do darshan in Dadar, Mumbai and elsewhere of Lord Chandraprabhu Swami. Before he left his mortal body he writes in a short Vachanamrut Letter 953 his veneration to 'Anant Shantmurti eva Chandraprabhu Swami'.

Connecting this importance to the Chandraprabhu Swami residing in the deraser at the top of Idar mountain, Bhaishree took Shree Anandghanji Maharaj's Stavan on Chandraprabhu Swami, 'Dekhan de re Sakhi, Chandraprabhu mukh chand mune dekhan de'. Anandghanji Maharaj expresses his desire to see the face of Shree Chandraprabhu Swami, to connect with him internally. The stavan takes us on a journey of the many births we have traversed, from nigod through the various animal life-forms and finally to the human form with this discriminative mind. Finally we found a Sadguru and our path of spirituality began. Now we can immerse in the devotion or bhakti of this pure saint eventually becoming one with him.

Worship of the original Atma Siddhi Shastra handwritten by Param Krupaludev

Shree Raj Saubhag Mumukshus had the wonderful opportunity of viewing the original Atma Siddhi Shastra handwritten by Krupaludev. Lovingly restored by the Shrimad Rajchandra Nijabhyas Mandap and Vihar Bhavan Trust, who are celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the Idar Ashram this year, the trustees very openly allowed devotional mumukshus the opportunity to see these transforming words in their original ink.

The fortunate pilgrims accompanied Param Pujya Bhaishree in taking 3 pradakshina or circambulating the Siddhshila Pat Krupaludev Temple carrying the sacred Shastra on their head. With much devotion, singing and dancing, mumukshus expressed their inner joy of holding this text. One could not hold back a smile. Being overcome by the personal importance of the occasion and the magnitude of importance of the words written by Krupaludev, mumukshus overflowed with happiness, glowed with love and radiated Ahobhav, respect and adoration for Shrimadji.

The book was then welcomed into the main Swadhyay Hall, where a vasakshep pujan was undertaken.

It was truly a momentous occasion of great punya for mumukshus who were then given an opportunity to individually come and do darshan, to view the open book with their own eyes. The book was placed open within a glass case for protection and was laid at the feet of Param Krupaludev’s standing image in the main hall. Each mumukshu was given time to gaze at his words and soak in the depth of their meaning.

Seldom do such moments come in life. Those who are aware and recognize, cherish and celebrate, and are inspired inwards.