Ivy Swadhyay - April 2016

What differentiates a self-realised soul from an unenlightened one?

Elucidating a story at the IVY Swadhyay, Brahmnisht Minalben began: “ Once there was a saint who gave spiritual discourses in simple language, and coupled it with practical lessons on spirituality. He imparted knowledge with graceful solemnity and pleasant facial expressions. Also, the gleam of true happiness on his face gave a distinctive edge to his teachings.  Though internally awake, his body was wracked with cancer and worms infested his body.  However, he did not allow anyone to clean his wounds, preferring to do it himself, while cheerfully remarking that “મારી  આખી  ઝીંદગી  માં  મેં કોઈ  ને  ભોજન  નથી  કરાવ્યું  એટલે  આ  કીડા  માટે  સદાવ્રત  ખોલ્યું  છે ” (In my whole life, I have never fed a soul, so, I have let this body be the place where these worms can feed themselves).  This, said Minalben is the true virtue of an enlightened soul, one who can perceive the most difficult and trying situations positively, with a smile on their faces.

"While an ignorant soul seeks happiness in material objects and physical comforts; an enlightened soul is happy within and undaunted by challenges posed by the outside world.

Truly happy ones endure difficult times with peace and patience, while the ignorant ones always complain. One, who is eternally happy, chooses forgiveness; an ignorant soul tries to get even.

This ability to stay unaffected; not letting our happiness be dependent on materialistic things differentiates an ignorant person from a true self-realized soul. All the aforementioned virtues remind us of Param Pujya Bhaishree, don’t they?"

But, the question is, have we got the vision to recognize the virtues of a true Guru?

Virtues Practiced and Preached by Lord Mahavir

The second half of the IVY swadhyay, highlighted the virtues practiced and preached by Lord Mahavir, especially non-violence. Krupalu Dev has become the bridge between Lord Mahavir’s teachings and present day disciples like us. The spiritual essence of Lord Mahavir’s teachings is can be clearly understood through letters and poems written by Krupalu Dev.

Universal Love and Universal friendship was the core of Lord Mahavir’s teachings. Every living being should be treated in the same way, as we would like to be treated.  Just as we would not like anyone to harm us, what right do we have to inflict pain on others through our words or deeds?

Through His omniscient knowledge, Lord Mahavir knew that any soul desiring Moksh needs to shed:

·      Karmas

·      Vices

·      Mortal body

Two ways of achieving this goal is to peacefully endure suffering, and/or burn karmas through penance. Shed vices and develop virtues.

Thus, Non-Violence is the highest religion for every living being. We must develop a respect for all living beings, show compassion and be polite. Hatred means destruction. Silence and self- control, on other hand, are forms of non-violence!

Everybody is capable for becoming self-aware; one must kindle that desire and develop the required virtues under the refuge of an Enlightened Master!
મારી  આખી  ઝીંદગી  માં  મેં કોઈ  ને  ભોજન  નથી  કરાવ્યું  એટલે  આ  કીડા  માટે  સદાવ્રત  ખોલ્યું  છે