IVY Swadhyay - July 2016

This IVY swadhyay started with the importance of Father’s Day which we all celebrated in the month of June. We have been taught that we need to bow down, with all our heart, before our biological father and our sadgurus - Param Pujya Bhaishree, Param Pujya Bapuji, Param Pujya Krupaludev and Lord Mahavir Swami - our spiritual fathers.

Why do we say “Maa /Mummy” when in pain or in some difficulty? That is because she is there beside us in every circumstance whether happy or sad. That shows how much trust we have in her. Similarly, we should also have utmost faith in our Sadguru. Everything is temporary, people are going to come and go, situations will be favourable or adverse, but no matter what, our Guru is always going to be there for us, he will always love us, accept us with our good and bad qualities. He is going to take care of all our problems. He is always going to help us.  He is always there to give us strength.

Minal Aunty also continued explanation of last 8 points mentioned in letter 84 of Vachnamrutji. Her language being simple and understandable reaches out to each and every person sitting in the room. It taught us to give our best, live in the moment and feel the joy by sharing and giving. That is because, there are 4 unchanging characteristics of a soul – tendency to give love, stay submerged in happiness, and stay calm and be compassionate.

Since the significant occasion of Guru purnima was coming soon, Minal Aunty urged all of us to express our gratitude and love for our Guru in whichever capacity we can.

After that, Minal Aunty told us a short yet inspirational story. The story reminded the importance of unconditional surrender at Guru’s/ Lord’s sacred feet. Our Guru is ready to protect us all the time, in all the difficulties. If we surrender ourselves completely, whole-heartedly, there will remain nothing to doubt, nothing to fear and nothing to lose. We shall become happy, satisfied and peaceful. We must always thank Tirthankar Bhagwans for blessing our lives by giving us such a divine gift in the form of our Guru.  What more do we ask for?

In the end, we had an interactive session, a beautiful platform to share our thoughts, experiences, feelings; sing a bhajan, say a poem or anything the vibrant youth wants to make most of the opportunity. These sessions make us confident, expressive and bring us closer to Pujya Bhaishree, just like all these swadhayas do for us.

“We are not ordinary. We are extraordinary. We are born to do something different.”

- Mitanshi (13 years)