Dubai Seva Activity

Dubai seva activity

December 2016

When one admires beautiful buildings, one scarcely gives even a passing thought to the sweat, toil, tears and sheer hard work put in by labourers who have given their all in constructing these imposing structures.

Mumukshus of Raj Saubhag Dubai group organized a Seva activity at 2 labour camps in Mankhool and Al Jadaf area by giving away goody bags – filled with essentials like rice, dal, sugar, tea, biscuits, almonds and t-shirts – trying in their own small way to bring a smile on their tired faces.

Queueing up excitedly the labourers were happy to receive their gift, cheerfully exclaiming, "Hey, there are almonds in my bag!",  and " I got dal as well".

Mumukshus too departed resolving to do more for these poor people and hoping they were able to restore faith in human values in the hearts of these labourers.