Yug Purush shows sponsored by mumukshus in Sudan and Nairobi

Raj Saubhag Ashram mumukshus Ashokbhai Parekh (Sudan show) and Manjuben Navin Raja (Nairobi) sponsored 3 shows of the Yug Purush play in Sudan (2) and Nairobi (1).

Two shows were hosted in the newly renovated Friendship Hall, Sudan.  The first show was hosted on 29th September 2017 in Gujarati. Over 650 people watched the impact of Shrimad Rajchandra on Mahatma Gandhi.  The head of Omdurman Community, Dr. Anil Mithani, Purushottam Samal (Attaché Commercial & Property, Embassy of India) were among the chief guests. 

The second show in Sudan, in English, was attended by 550 guests at the same venue.  Among the dignitaries present were the Minister of Culture - Sudan, Mr. Al Tayeb Badawi; Mr. Amrit Lugun (Ambassador, Embassy of India Khartoum), Hassan Abdel Gadir Hilal (Minister of Environment) and members of the Coptic Church and Missionaries of Charity, along with the head of African Development Bank, Dr. Abdul Kamara. 

The sponsor of the show Ashokbhai Parekh is very humble and was extremely reticent about his name being mentioned.  He says its all “Guru Kripa”. 

Another mumukshu, Manjuben Navin Raja and her family sponsored Yug Purush in Nairobi at Oshwal Center.  More than 500 people watched the play.

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