Mahavir Janma Kalyanak Celebration in the UK

We greeted the Mahavir Bhagwan’s Janma Kalyanak on a glorious spring day on 9 th April. Mumuxus, full of enthusiasm and anticipation, gathered at Niranjan, Bentley Priory to celebrate this auspicious day.

Palak began our morning with her melodious voice, reciting the stuti of panch parmeshti and our gurus followed by one for Vir Prabhu. 

Br Minalben, with her enchanting voice, recited Navkar Mantra, followed by a stuti for all our gurus before her swadhyay. She started by highlighting the paramount importance of Bhagwan Mahavir’s teachings. She cited the example of how a small spark can set fire to a whole house with its contents. Similarly, a small spark, kindled by Bhagwan’s teaching, can bring about true realisation.

She asked everyone whether they were ready to kindle that fire in their hearts, then they should join her in the journey.

She read letter 105 from Vachnamrutji which, she said, needed no explanation as both Bapuji and Bhaishree had explained it many times in the past.

She explained took five points from the letter for discussion:

1. Who is eligible for being Bhagwan Mahavir’s disciple? One who is desirous to serve at the true guru’s feet.

2. We are the inheritors’ of Bhagwan’s legacy and for that we should be courageous and fearless. We should not show cowardice in face of obstacles but be brave and have the fortitude to overcome the obstacles progress.

3. Bhagwan described the virtue of forgiveness as an ornament for the brave and that it was the magnificent gateway to Moksha. Greatness lies not only in forgiving but also in forgetting the whole episode.

4. The fundamentals of Jain dharma are based on Syadvad (multifaceted view). It is only the Omniscient who can see the whole truth, a true seeker is never insistent on a particular view point.

5. After observing the above four points – one must try to recognise their own true nature. They must realise the soul merely resides in the body and should not remain deluded it is the body.

Br Minalben told us that we all have the shelter of a true guru, we have been shown the path and have been given the means to progress on the path. She encouraged us to strive vigourously on the path and wished everyone success in their perseverance assuring us, realisation is possible in this lifetime.

Br Vikrambhai accompanied by Hiren sang the last composition by Param Krupaludev – ‘Iche che Jogijan’ in his typical style, setting the scene for Bhaishree’s swadhyay.

Bhaishree had undertaken considerable preliminary studies of the subject he wanted to cover in his swadhyay. He started by citing the 150 th birth anniversary of Param Krupaludev and 2615 th birth anniversary of Bhagwan Mahavir. He mentioned that Krupaludev’s spiritual development had been evolving since the time of Bhagwan Mahavir which has benefitted us tremendously. He cited various quotations of Krupaludev regarding Bhagwan Mahavir, and then referred to Letter 254, highlighting the qualities of one eligible to be addressed as a mumuxu.

He then embarked on his main subject for the swadhyay, Letter 680, which Krupaludev had written on Bhagwan’s birth anniversary (Chaitra Sud Teras). This letter was not addressed to anyone but was a personal note. Each word from it oozes with compassion, the reason for which, is explained half way through the note. Krupaludev starts by referring to his own inner state where there is no desire left. By dwelling ceaselessly within his own true nature, even his desire for moksha has subsided. It is only someone like him can ask the God that ‘even though you are pleased with my inner state what else is there for you to offer me?

‘By residing within my nature all my materialistic activities have come to an end and that is my supreme bliss’.

Krupaludev wrote this note on witnessing a procession of people, celebrating Bhagwan Mahavir’s birth anniversary dancing and merry making, as it passed by his shop. He noted in his observation that people who lacked the true wisdom, did not understand the true path. They imagined the path in their own minds and acted in a variety of ways to seek liberation and all they had achieved was extending the cycle of their rebirths – my selfless compassionate heart is crying out in pain.

Bhaishree concluded the swadhyay by citing more quotations of Krupaludev of how Bhagwan Mahavir’s true message is misinterpreted and the misinterpretation being propagated leading to thousands of people continue sinking in to the quagmire of the materialistic word.

There were a few more stavans on Bhagwan Mahavir to end the swadhyay session for the day.