75th Ladies Swadhyay


The 75th ladies swadhyay was held on 30th April, at Brahmnisht Minalben’s residence in Mumbai.

Pujya Bhaishree graced the occasion and gave a discourse on a poem written by Ganga Sati.  He likened Minalben to Ganga Sati and the lady mumukshus to Paanbai.

Briefing the mumukshus about the life of Ganga Sati, Pujya Bhaishree said that she was an elevated, enlightened Vedanti Saint, who composed many divine, meaningful bhajans.   Her life reflected her writing and many bhajans were composed to guide Paanbai on the spiritual path.  (There are 2 version of Ganga Sati’s relationship with Paanbai – one version says that Paanbai was her daughter-in-law and another version says that Paanbai was her maid who was part of her dowry) Ganga Sati’s husband Kahalchand, was also deeply spiritual. 

According to traditional account, he utilized his spiritual powers to prove himself in the presence of the villagers.  Later, regretting this misuse of powers (since people would now be attracted to him due to these powers rather than his spirituality), Kahalchand decided to take samadhi and end his life. Gangasati urged him to let her take samadhi too but he refused and instructed her to wait until she had perfected Paanbai, her daughter-in-law/maid on path of devotion.  Obeying the instructions of her husband, Ganga Sati through her bhajans and devotional songs, laid out the path for Paanbai and then accepted Samadhi. 

પરિપૂર્ણ સતસંગ હવે તમને કરાવું,
ને આપું જોને નિર્મળ જ્ઞાન રે,
જનમવા મરવાનું તમારું મટાડીને
ધરાવું અવિનાશીનું ધ્યાન રે ... પરિપૂર્ણ.

નામરૂપને મિથ્યા જાણો ને
મેલી દેજો મનની તાણાવાણ રે,
આવો બેસો એકાંતમાં ને તમને,
પદ આપું નિર્વાણ રે ... પરિપૂર્ણ.

સદા રહો સતસંગમાં ને
કરો અગમની ઓળખાણ રે,
નુરત સુરતથી નિજ નામ પકડીને
જેથી થાય હરિની જાણ રે ... પરિપૂર્ણ.

મેલ ટળે ને વાસના ગળે,
ન કરો પુરણનો અભિયાસ રે,
ગંગા રે સતી એમ બોલિયાં,
થાય મૂળ પ્રકૃતિનો નાશ રે ... પરિપૂર્ણ.

Ganga Sati says: “I will bequeath to you true knowledge herewith.  Let go of our beliefs in births and deaths, and strive to attain the Absolute Truth – that which is beyond life and death.  Do not associate yourself with this body, your name and the thought processes of the mind. Seek solitude and immerse yourself in satsang.  Strive to know your Atma – which is the absolute truth.  Know your Atma –which is timeless.  This striving will help you rid yourself of negative qualities."

Pujya Bhaishree elaborated further.  He highlighted the immense benefits that will accrue from consistent satsang. This was a fail proof way overcoming one’s attachment to this transient, material world and walk on the path of spirituality. 

  • Until he reaches his goal (the Atma), the mumukshu should seek refuge of an enlightened Master and immerse himself in satsang.
  • This satsang will help him overcome his bad qualities and inculcate purity
  • Every mumukshu should aim to be consistent and single-minded in his pursuit of purity.
  • Sansaar-bhaav has ensured that we are constantly taking new births and dying new deaths.
  • Pujya Bhaishree added that only the followers of a true Guru can understand the underlying, deep meaning of the last part of the above composition.  

Swadhyay was followed by skits and dance performances, by the mumukshus, highlighting all that they hadlearned; a cake-cutting ceremony and dinner.