Ashirvad Aids and Appliances Support Camp - Botad

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On a beautiful morning of 23rd December, thanks to the support from Pallaviben and Parushbhai Shah (UK-based mumukshus), an aids and appliances support camp was organized by Raj Saubhag Ashram in Botad.  On the grounds of Mansi Farm House, 511 people were gifted wheel chairs, artificial limbs, crutches, C.P chair, tricycles, hearing aids etc according to their disability and requirements.

Pujya Bhaishree, Shri Atmanandji Swami (Bhajanand Ashram, Botad), donors Parushbhai and Pallaviben, Sarojben, Prafulbhai, Sheyera, Lara and mumukshus of Raj Saubhag Ashram graced the occasion.

Prior to the support camp, a tremendous amount of work has already been carried out in the form of identifying the target areas (which is often close to 100 villages) where the underprivileged are in need of support equipment, organizing diagnostic camps with in-house doctors to identify the disability and requirements, meticulously documenting the medical conditions and then finally distributing the equipment and training the recipients about how to use these support aids.  The mumukshus applaud and are indebted to the selfless service provided by the healthcare workers.

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