Monthly Food grain and Clothes Distribution and Buttermilk Centres - July 2019

Monthly food/clothes distribution

The only source of survival for over 274 families in 35 villages (Vakhatpar, Gosal, Kesarpar, Samatpar, Aya, Kanpar, Chorvira, Rampara, Siddhsar, Muli, Kukda, Jasapar, Hematpar, Fulgram, Madhad, Tikar, Velala, Gadhda, Dudhai, Khaatdi) food grains and clothes have been distributed every month to families below the poverty line, since many years.

Volunteers from Raj Saubhag Ashram have been going to all the above villages personally, to distribute approximately 2,980 kilos of foodgrains and clothes to help these poor people (God’s angels) survive.  

Buttermilk Distribution


A total of 20 centers (Sayla (3 centers), Chotila, Dhandhalpur, Sudamada, Vakhatpur, P

Fulgram, Aya, Gosar, Kesharpur, Shapar, Dudhai, Siddhsar, Jasapar, Naliya, Dhajara and Rampara) to distribute free buttermilk in the hot summer months were opened on 20thApril and continued daily distribution until 20th June. More than 1,945 families, amounting to 7,595 individuals availed of this humane service, which has been going on unfailingly every year since the last 38 years or so.