Ladies Swadhyay - Trip to Deolali

The monthly ladies swadhyay was organized as a ladies jatra to Deolali in the presence of Brahmnisht Pujya Minalben and Pujya Lalitaben. On 31st October, all the ladies travelled to Deolali, stopping on the way at Manas Mandir Tirth in Shahpur for navkarshi and Prabhu Darshan.

During the afternoon swadhyay session Minalben referred to the letters written by Pujya Guruma to her guru, Param Pujya Bapuji, published in Veer Raj Path Darshini. Just as the AtmaSiddhi Shastra has 142 verses, we have a treasure of 142 letters written by P Guruma in the course of her sadhana.

In her discourse, Minalben referred to letter number 3 that P Guruma had written and wherein she refers to Shrimadji’s sacred words – “Any disciple desiring spiritual progress must definitely have unflinching devotion to the enlightened soul – his Guru and the path illuminated by him. Complete faith unto Satdev, Satguru and Satdharma is mandatory for a disciple for spiritual progress.”

Highlighting the importance of right thinking, Minalben added: “Karmas should be faced with equanimity. Karmas should be treated like to ebb and flow of the tide, here today, gone tomorrow. Whenever, one is drawn towards the material world, one should take recourse in the words of saints and enlightened souls, who have repeatedly said that sansaar or worldly possessions do not offer sanctuary, rather they bring grief and misery. We are lucky to have the refuge of an enlightened soul, Param Pujya Bhaishree. Now, we should be fearless in pursuing our goal, undaunted by any challenges that our karmas may place in our paths. Move forward fearlessly and remember that your daily agnas are your potent weapons. Do your agnas religiously.”

Lalitaben in her discourse said: “Since time immemorial, all of us have been under the delusion that ‘this body is me’, and have developed a deep affinity for this transitory body. This kinship has led us astray. Keeping ourselves aligned with our inner self, will help our external circumstances to align favourably. We should not endeavour to change the direction of the wind, rather increase our own equanimity, with calm acceptance of our circumstances.”

Swadhyay session two was also held on the second day and all the ladies departed for Mumbai, stopping for darshan at Kanjiswami Temple and Logassa Dham on the way.

Every soul took leave of their spiritual teachers with elation in their hearts and with a firm resolve to rejuvenate their sadhana.