Changing Mindsets

Mother of a 6-Month-Old appears for Final Exams by Bringing Along her Child.

Sayla District was once home to an illiterate population. Thanks to educational institutions like Raj Saubhag Ashram funded, LMV Girl’s College this trend is changing.

The second year B.Com exams are currently ongoing and Parineeta of Khintla region is appearing for these exams by bringing along her 6-month old child.

Janakben from Minapur village is also appearing for these exams under similar circumstances. She has a 6-month old son who accompanies her to the examination center. Her husband, and in-laws are encouraging her to continue with higher education post-marriage.

These two real life examples are proof of the changing perspectives and priorities in Sayla district. The LMV College, which at one point only had 30 students, now boasts of over 350 students. In a place where only few girls had ever received basic minimum education, there now are examples of women pursuing higher studies even after marriage.