Sayla Eye Hospital reaches a milestone of 25,000 operations

25,000 people receive the gift of eyesight in Sayla

The difficulties faced by a blind person or one with very poor eyesight can easily be imagined, and when the affected person is poor and illiterate living in remote villages, the challenges become exponential.

The Raj Saubhag Ashram funded Matushri Kashiben Harjivandas Sanghrajka Hospital treating poor people free of charge is a God-sent blessing for most of the villagers receiving the gift of eyesight from their benefactors.

The hospital is equipped with modern equipment and kind-hearted doctors, Dr Kamal Shah and Dr. Vidyut Shah. The Fraco system is able to discharge patients within 24 hours. The eye hospital caters to patients from near and far – Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Hyderabad and other towns and villages. Over 350 eye operations are performed every month.

In the last decade, over 25,000 patients have been given a new lease of life. Jiviben Patel (a poor lady treated at the hospital) says: “For any person who has lost his eyesight, his life become a burden. And that’s why old people from villages resist undergoing eye surgery, fearing physical and financial problems. But since the last 5 years, this successful doctor-team has given confidence to people and the queue outside the hospital is always increasing. I too have got my eyes operated and am now not dependent on anyone, and am grateful to have been given a new lease of life.”