Summer Science Fest 2014

The mammoth Prem Ni Parab project celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, organized a Summer Science Fest to stimulate and enhance the interest of students in maths and science.

Hosted every year during the summer vacations, the Fest is held at Jeevan Vigyan Kendra (science center) in Sayla. This center was established in 2009, and has famous names like scientist Dr. J J Rawal, Anilbhai Kamdar, Kishorbhai Himani and educationist Chandrakantbhai Vyas as its chief patrons. The center is also strengthened by the support of Lok Vigyan Kendra, Rajkot.

Jeevan Vigyan Kendra is actively used by school children studying in grades 6th, 7th, and 8th from 15 primary schools in the neighbourhood of Sayla.

For an all-encompassing success of an education upliftment project (Prem NI Parab) in remote regions of Gujarat, this science center plays a crucial role. Students have been using this center daily to conduct experiments, challenge their knowledge and to borrow books from the library for reference. This library is also increasingly used by teachers.

Science Fest

Day 1 – 22nd April

On the first day of the summer camp, students were given a comprehensive presentation. Manishbhai Meghani explained various concepts in great detail ensuring that the high school children understand the basics before embarking on experiments. The topics covered were earth’s geography, atmosphere, environment, weights & balances among others.

This was followed by a session of experiments, in which Subhashbhai Dave demonstrated and created paper models of a fan and rocket.

Day 2 – 23rd April

Both professors now focused on application based learning through another session of building paper models of a telephone, paper bags among other things. Enthusiastic students participated whole-heartedly and each student was gifted a paper model as a souvenir.

Day 3 – 24th April

Respected Shri Gadhvibhai of Life Organization, Rajkot graced the occasion. With great patience, he explained various principles of Maths, taking care to make his presentation interesting and all-inclusive. He also demonstrated an experiment – use of straws to enhance the flow of water.

Session two on Day 3 consisted of another demonstration by educationist and project director, Chandrakantbhai Vyas, who showed the students how to build a fan from throwaway plastic bottles.

The third professor, Pankajbhai Singhvi also demonstrated some more experiments, to the delight of participating students.

Day 4 – 25th April

Students arrived at the center with heightened enthusiasm, since they were to go on a field trip to Bhavnagar. A total of 54 students, 7 teachers and Prem Ni Parab project staff members brought the entourage to 64 participants.

Taking blessing from the Lord at the Jain temple in Ayodhyanagar, the children proceeded to the prestigious University of Bhavnagar. They interacted with committee member Nanabhai Bhatt, who gifted each student with a book and biscuits.

The group then proceeded to the Balwant Parekh Science City. In the next 3 hours, the students participated in numerous experiments and a 40-minute 3-D film. The children took part in over 100 experiments and were shown how to create models, using principles of science. By 8.30 pm, at the end of a long day, the students departed from the science city, and not a tired face in sight.

Day 5 – 26th April

On the last day of the Summer Fest, the students interacted with project director Chandrakantbhai Vyas, giving their candid feedback. Every child expressed their complete satisfaction with the 5-day event, expressing hope that such science fests are hosted every year.

Each student also displayed the paper models he/she designed and built, creating an impromptu exhibition.

Gratified with the knowledge, that they are no lesser than their peers in metropolitan cities, the students departed with their certificates and paper models safely tucked away in their bags.

At a glance:

  • Science Fest is held every year at the Jeevan Vigyan Kendra, Sayla during the summer vacations
  • This year’s event was held between 22nd-26th April, with 54 students from 6 schools participating
  • A total of 8 teachers and professors conducted the fest
  • One day field trip to Bhavnagar
  • Completing 10 years, the Prem Ni Parab project encompasses a total of 128 schools, 30,000 students and 880 teachers
  • Project director acknowledges that the steadfast support offered by Pujya Bhaishree and Raj Saubhag Ashram has ensured that every event organized under Prem Ni Parab project has met with unprecedented success