Prevention is better than cure

Our social awareness street play ‘Jeevi Le Jara’ will be aired on DD Girnar on Friday 27th June 2014 at 6pm IST. The play focuses on negative consequences of alcohol consumption.

In 2012, Raj Saubhag Ashram initiated the Jyot Project – a conscious effort to spread the ‘flame (જ્યોત) of awareness’ in villages and remote regions in and around Sayla Taluka through street plays.

The first play addressed the serious issue of negligence of maternal health and the girl child. The second play aims to spread the message of the physical, psychological and social degradation due to alcohol addiction.

‘Jeevi Le Jara’ was first performed by students of Nalanda School, Sayla (Gujarat). Later, when Doordarhsan showed an eagerness to air the play on national television, professional artistes from Ahmedabad were employed to add effectiveness and increase the reach of the play.

Though consuming alcohol is banned in Gujarat, it is widely sold and consumed through the grey market. The poor quality of this illegally sold alcohol is extremely detrimental to the mental and physical health of the consumer. Such alcoholics have been known to loose all sense of control, have become short-tempered, selfish, habitual liars, insensitive and in most cases, violent. Most instances of anti-social behaviour have been related to alcohol consumption.

Alcoholism is the most common cause of disruptions in relations with family members and society, leading to stress, aggression and violence.

Even if one person is saved from the clutches of alcohol; an entire family can be protected from going through unbearable mental, physical and social pain every day; thereby ridding the society of anti-social elements.

DD Girnar can be viewed all over India and in Gulf countries like well as Saudi Arabia. Please support this noble cause and encourage as many people as possible to watch this play