A mother of a 1 month old baby is supported by her mother-in-law to continue with her exams at LMV College

Just one month before her exams Renukaben Amreli, a student of LMV College from the town of Muli, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. With her mother-in-law's support she continued her studies, acknowledging the importance of education. Accopanied by her mother-in-law to look after the baby, she arrived to the surprise of fellow classmates to complete her exams.

The importance of women's education is penetrating through the misconceptions and superstitions of rural townships.

After marrying her son, Sadhu Icchanath Parmar (resident of Muli village) to Renuka, his broad minded mother Manjulaben encouraged Renuka to continue her education and enroled her into LMV College. Manjulaben took all the responsibility of the household so that Renukaben would be free to study. When she gave birth to her baby girl, her mother-in-law again demonstrated her love and her forward thinking and supported her in her studies. As per common practice and custom, it is taboo to allow the mother and baby out of their room for 40 days.  But understanding the importance of education, Manjulaben braved the summer heat, overlooked tradition and travelled all the way from Muli to accompany her daughter-in-law and one month old granddaughter to the examination hall, looking after the baby as her daughter-in-law wrote her exam paper.

Such thinking, such love and such importance of education for women is truly remarkable, praiseworthy and inspiring to others.

Local media reported this story: Divya Bhaskar, 10th April 2016