Celebrating Holi with the magnificent colours of devotion

Param Pujya Bhaishree's Swadhyay on Holi

Date : 24th March 2016

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The year 2016 took off with the extraordinary jatra of North. After that, celebrating Valentine’s Day with our beloved Param Pujya Bhaishree was like flying across the meadow of vibrant colors of love. The celebration of Holi set a similar momentum.

According to Hindu calendar, 24th March, Thursday marked the day of ‘Dhuleti’. Mumukshus gathered at the Golden Swan Country Club, Thane by 8.30am to celebrate Holi with Pujya Bhaishree.  Welcoming their benefactor with a garland and tilak, mumukshus accompanied their Gurudev for a morning walk amidst the beauty of Mother Nature.

After breakfast and exuberant garba, followed the words of wisdom from an Enlightened Master.  Gently questioning our conscience, Pujya Bhaishree said: ‘Aren’t you tired of wasting the true potential of your inner self? Aren’t you weary of wishing for more and more, when you are already blessed with all that you truly need? Anger, delusion, jealousy and similar others have claimed superiority over us until now. And even though everyone has faith in this spiritual path, we need to wean ourselves from this transient, materialistic life.  If our faith and conviction is strong, and we are willing, God will show us the path. The more we build on our eligibility, the deeper He will take us.”

Whether it’s our relentless efforts or some miracle moments born out of a burning desire; our goal is to make the magic happen and reach the pinnacle of spirituality. All we need is the refuge of an Enlightened Guru and an unconditional surrender at his lotus feet.

We are fortunate to have found that magician who can make the difficult trick possible. But, new results will not be found with old methods. Change of our perspective, a change in the direction of our search is necessary. So, it’s time we correct the wrong; change our materialistic vision to a spiritual perspective. We need to become observers instead of participants.

The doors to spiritual growth were closed for us until we found the sacred key – Our Guru. The new door will lead us to our destination only and only if we leave behind the old ways. The burden of self-centeredness, desires, passions, opinions and expectations will only make us slower and make the goal look farther.

Diligently following the Guru’s instructions should be our motto. An ever-increasing enthusiasm for this endeavor should be our mantra. Swadhyays are our motivational backbone. And Inner bliss is our reward.

It’s when we put conscious efforts and perceive with divine eyes; that failures will turn into victory. One who has faith in his Sadguru will never deviate from the path, and never stop pursuing his goals.’

Holi is that festival where we burn our negative traits into ashes and celebrate purity. An ignorant person cannot light the fire of renunciation. A guru provides the resources. To celebrate this day with Pujya Bhaishree was just making the most of the acquired resources. Even the most lavish meal could not have matched the nourishment of this spiritual feast.

After swadhyay, lunch and sporting activities came the Q & A session. Mumukshus voiced their lingering doubts and found clarifications that would help them rejuvenate their spiritual pursuits.

That is what happens to ordinary things when they are done with Param Pujya Bhaishree. He makes them exceptionally beautiful! A day with him bathed us in a multitude of colours - green shades of prosperity, saffron shades of an internal fire that drives a person to excel and renounce the materialistic world for greater good; shades of red symbolizing worship, and above all – white – the colour of purity and light.