Shrimad Rajchandra Katha

Shrimad Rajchandra Katha

On the occasion of Mahavir Janma Kalyanak, the Jain Yuvak Sangh had organized the “Shrimad Rajchandra Katha” – a 3-day event hosted in Bharatiya Vidyabhavan (Chowpatty) between 22nd-24th April, 2016.

The kathakar or narrator was the famous scholarly personality of Gujarati literature, Padma Shri Dr. Kumarpal Desai.

In memory of Late Shri C.U.Shah, the entire programme was sponsored by Minalben Shah, under the aegis of Raj Saubhag Ashram, Sayla.  Pujya Bhaishree graced the occasion and numerous books were launched in his auspicious presence.  Among the books launched were - ભગવદ ગીતા અને જૈન ધર્મ;  પ્રબુદ્ધ જીવન; સ્વમાં નીરવતા; પંથે પંથે પાથેય published by Mumbai Jain Yuvak Sangh 

In his distinct style, Dr. Kumarpalbhai skillfully wove Shrimad Rajchandra’s life-history to an enraptured audience, deftly highlighting the divinity and holiness of Shrimadji’s life.  Dr. Kumarpalbhai described all the well known and the lesser known incidences about Shrimadji, including his knowledge of hundreds of previous births (Jati-Smaran Gnan) at the tender age of 7 years, his exceptional abilities including the Shatavadhan, his phenomenal memory, his amazing grasp and deep understanding of the scriptures, his remarkable influence on Mahatma Gandhi among others.

Among the incidences that were dwelt upon was Shrimadji requesting his mother for permission to become a monk (take Diksha).  On hearing this, his mother was anguished and shed tears of sorrow, unable to bear the thought of being separated from her beloved son. Touched to the core, Shrimadji comforted her saying that he would never do anything that would bring her grief. 

Dr. Kumarpal equated this incident with Bhagwan Mahavir taking a vow in the womb of his mother that He would not take Diksha until his mother was alive, so as to not cause her any heartache.  Another parallel that was drawn was Mahatma Gandhi’s immense love for his mother Putalibai, and on the latter’s death, Shrimadji was chosen to break the sad news to Gandhiji.

Highlighting Shrimadji’s unflinching faith in pursuing his spiritual goals, Dr. Kumarpalbhai said: “Without a second's thought Shrimadji gave up fame and prosperity to reach the pinnacle of spirituality.”

Below are audio tracks of the bhajans sung at the event and a few short audio clippings from the Katha. Click on the play buttons to listen.

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