Summer Science Camp 2016 - Sayla Science Centre

Summer Science Camp

25 - 29th April 2016

The annual science festival, held in the summer holidays and hosted in the Jeevan Vignan Science Centre in Sayla, aims to inspire student interest in maths and science.

A 5 day 'Summer Science Camp' was held at the Science Centre in Sayla in April 2016.

The plaque that sits in the Science Centre reads 'The art of science is to nurture the curiosity, open the mind and explore the realms of this world, its workings and interactions'.

With advances in the technological world, understanding scientific principles is becoming increasingly important and relevant. At the Science Centre students are encouraged to learn through practical experiments and hands on learning.

60 students from 6 primary schools of the district participated. They were taught by 6 teachers from different regional schools alongside the Science Centre staff. Another 10primary school teachers also participated to learn different teaching techniques.

As part of the camp a one day field trip was organised to the 'Lok Bharti - World Science Centre' in Bhavnagar in which all 60 students participated.

On the final day student exhibited all their models, presented their discoveries and illustrated their experiments to show all they had learnt and been inspired by.