Kolkata Dharmayatra - Feb 2017


Kolkata - 'The City of Joy'

9 - 13th February 2017

Kolkata is known as "The city of Joy". Devout Mumukshus were overjoyed on seeing the first glimpse of their Sadguru Param Pujya Bhaishree, their eager eyes welcoming him to their city. The car journey from the airport to Rajubhai's home, reaffirmed the ephemeral characteristic of this world we live in, so much has changed so quickly, yet everything can be a source of inspiration. New bridges remind us of our connectivity with Bhaishree. The metro rail alert us to check our speed on this path to moksh. 

Assembled at Rajubhai and Sangeetaben's home all mumkshus seemed so enthused and determined to make the most of Param Satsang, while Bhaishree is in Kolkatta. 


Friday 10th Feb

Atma Tatva Research Center (Parli Ashram)

After a formal welcome by mumukshus of Atma Tatva Research Center ( Parli Ashram) Bhaishree began his first swadhyay. Upadesh Chhaya no 4 was the subject he thought shall benefit all of us. With smile on his face compassionate Bhaishree said 'It is unconditional devotion "Bhakti" that will help the devotee to free himself from all his faults. It is the shelter of a true Guru, an enlightened sculptor, who will chisel out the unwanted and carve out the divine in us.

1) Bhakti is the path that leads us to true knowledge, inner realisation of the true self. ભક્તિના માર્ગે જ્ઞાનના પ્રદેશ સુધી જીવ પહોચી જાય છે અને તે સાચી ભક્તિ સત્પુરુષના ચરણ સમિપે રહીને જાગે છે. 

2) The nine different types of Bhakti (Shravan, Kirtan, Padsevan... Parabhakti) can only arise when the disciple understands and realises what 'Ashray Bhakti" is. 

3) Bhakti is that sewa which does not expect anything in return. Pure joy that

one experiences is itself the biggest reward. Though surrounded by pain and misery, if he does not ask for any favours in return then surely he shall be able to develope tolerance and with patience be able to endure all with equanimity. 

4) Our love for Him has to be in full. Only and only for Him, should our mind, heart and soul remain in awe. His love shall be our most valued wealth. Our worldly love and desires shall be outshined by this pure divine love. His universal love is our only focus. 

His soft smile and sweet  tone set the mood right for all to take the divine plunge.


During his trip Bhaishree visits and blesses the homes of many mumukshus. Today he visited the Desai Family residence as well as Jayshreeben and family's home.

Bhaishree also visited Shri Hasmukhbhai Vora - Param Pujya Bapuji's son-in-law and his family who live here in Kolkata. Old memories gripped our hearts. Poonam and Jyoti, Bapuji's both the granddaughter's became piously emotional. Tears of love touched our hearts too. 

Bhaishree's gentle words made us realise how profound healer He is. 

Explaining the essence of Asharan Bhavana he said, "Nothing in this world except for true religion will shield, protect and untimately free us from pain and miseries of reincarnation. Why seek refuge of those who can't give? Why live in false expectations? Let us resolute and be determined to seek refuge of true religion. Contemplating it deep, imbibing it in our life, we are sure to break the shackles of delusion and dwell in truth.

Swadhyay 2: 10th Feb Afternoon

Param Pujya Bhaishree continued from the morning session with Updesh Chhaya no 4 in the natural picturesque surroundings in Ralaj under a massive Banyan tree close to a pond to a full house at the Shrimad Rajchandra Atmatatva Research Centre.

The audience was comprised of people with different backgrounds, beliefs and practices. Krupaludev was able to assess the minds of his audience at a glance and tailored his sermon accordingly. His sermon considered discrete reasons which hinderd the spiritual progress of those in the audience.

He was asked ' who can be said to have experienced his soul?' He replied that someone who had separated his soul and body like a sword when pulled out of its sheath.

Those who accept and put faith in a Gnani Purush would start seeing their inner faults weakening - awareness is present on occasions of joyous matters and saddening events - to prevent them from losing equanimity. 

Those devoid of passions of attachments or dislikes are the real Gnanis. Those indulging in such passions with flagrant neglect of the direct consequences  (nirdhvans parinam) end up incurring karma that will last for millenniums - anantanu bandhi. Those with such karma still have seven fetters - four kashai and three smyaktva mohinis which are explained in letter 613.

Darshan mohniya karma is the one that reinforces these shackles - Bhaishree recalled the incidence that occurred during Bapuji's youth. Sayla community members as per tradition went for a bath in the pond after attending a cremation service. They would all bathe and wash their loin cloth. Bapuji being a young courteous gentleman offered to wash Kalidasbapa loin cloth. Kalidasbapa responded saying ' dear Ladakhchand that cannot be, but think about:

કર્મ અનંત પ્રકારનાં, તેમાં મુખ્યે આઠ;
તેમાં મુખ્યે મોહનીય, હણાય તે કહું પાઠ.
— Shrimad Rajchandra, Atmasiddhi shatsra verse 102

from Atma Siddhi and hitting his cloth on a stone. In that divine moment - there was a sudden light in Bapuji's mind and he saw at once the true path  as being removal of darshan mohiniya karma - the root cause of all bondages. 

Sthapna Vidhi

Param Pujya Bhaishree installed the representations of Sat Dev, Sat Guru and Sat Dharma at the home of Manishbhai and Binaben Shah's home, son and daughter in Law of Kishorebhai Shah. Following the sthapna ceremony of Bhagwan Mahavir and Guruvariyos, Bhaishree gave a short ashirvachan:

'O lord Mahavir, your idol is so divine, I can't stop looking at you. You are embodiment of peace and equanimity. I am confident that in your presence I shall be able to control my passions and ultimately overcome them. The poison of delusion shall have no effect on me as I will keep drinking the nectar of your immortality.

You energize me and make me positively empowered. Just taking your name makes my soul pious. I feel immensely graced as you are now seated in the temple of my heart. Today I celebrate your divine presence in my life. I sing your glory and worship your virtues.'

Swadhyay 3: Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Kolkata

The last public swadhyay of Param Pujya Bhaishree in Kolkata was held at the new center which was established by Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Dharampur. Almost 100 mumukshus warmly welcomed Bhaishree.

Bhaishree praised the centre, saying "I am most happy to visit this center and I congratulate all of you who have put efforts in establishing it. This center shall facilitate many souls who want to sincerely follow the path."

Begining his swadhyay Bhaishree described the many difficulties a new seeker faced. In present times a seeker is faced with different ways and explanations of the path and so can get confused in choosing the right path for him or her. However we are extremely fortunate, for we have found Param Krupaludev Shrimadji, who through his letters and poems has clearly defined the true path. Patra 609 from Vachanamrut is a clear roadmap to Moksh.

Physical objects draw our attention and we get captivated by them. Ups and downs of life keep happening and shackled by delusion we remain occupied in mundane activities.

  1. Liberation is nothing but living effortlessly in our own true self. Dwelling in that choiceless awareness is true freedom.
  2. We cannot be away from our own true self. Its just that the awareness has to be kindled in us.
  3. We are as empowered as a Shri Tirthankar Bhagwan soul is. Our power lies latent within us. We need to awaken it.
  4. It is just that many associative factors prevent us realising our true self. Relinquish the delusion towards all that constrains the soul and the awareness shall kindle. While in this state of embodied existence it is 'myness' towards the body and its associations that keeps the soul away from itself.
  5. The religion of the soul is defined in various scriptures. Rituals that have been suggested in the scriptures, are only for one prime objective which is to remain detached from all that is non self.
  6. Giving up from within, not getting allured toward anything is most difficult. It is possible only if we seek the empowering shelter of a true self realised Guru. With his support and grace, the most difficult becomes simple. Unfortunately very few souls understand the importance of having a true Guru.

Bhaishree words strongly reaffirmed many truths that we all knew. He motivated us all to be steadfasted in our conviction and vigorously continue pursuing the path to liberation.


Br Vikrambhai gave a vote of thanks on behalf of Shree Raj Saubhag.

He also expressed pleasure at seeing the establishment of such a beautiful centre in Eastern India. He was confident that the centre would become a focal point for the community particularly the younger generation to become aware of Param Krupaludev and his writing. 

He referred to the most amicable relationship between different ashrams of Shrimad and their respective heads. He drew a vivid image of the visit last week by Param Pujya Bapaji and his 912 disciples. He recalled the warm welcome by Bhaishree and the grand manner in which they were looked after.

He then wanted to applaud the play 'Yug Purush' which he described as a master stroke by the the great artist Bapaji. This play with presentations in different languages would revolutionise the awareness of Krupaludev through the medium of Mahatma Gandhi.

He then reminisced about the celebration of Shrimad Dehvilay Vilay Centennial celebrations when Bhaishree had commissioned a two hour film in Gujarati and also English on life of Param Krupaludev. The film was supported by a series of some 90 paintings depicting incidences from his life.

He said the technology was not as advanced as today to propagate the promotion of the film but it's international showing in several countries did certainly widened the awareness of Krupaludev and at the same time bring to the fore his mentoring of young Mahatma Gandhi with the principles of Ahimsa and to always abide with the Truth.

Vikrambhai concluded by thanking the SRDM Trustees and Mumukshus and extending an invitation to all to visit Sayla.

Bhakti Evening: Atma Tatva Research Centre, Kolkata

The beautiful soulful singing of 'Sparsh' the Bhakti group, disciples of Param Pujya Premacharyaji (Atma Tatva Research Centre, Parli Ashram), gave a beautiful devotional rendition of some of Krupaludev's poems.

Soulful bhakti is what touches our soul. Love gratitude and surrender is what Bhakti is. Divine music born of deep devotion creates magic and transports the listener to a different world. Forgetting all our fears and worries, we were in a state of trance and never wanted to return from such a soulful experience.

Our desires and worldly cravings were put on hold as our mind had dissolved in divinity.