Param Pujya Rakeshbhai and Dharampur Sangh visit Sayla Ashram

Param Pujya Bapaji Rakeshbhai and Dharampur Mumukshus visit Shree Raj Saubhag Ashram Sayla

8th Feb 2017

When River Ganga and River Yamuna meet, the flow of this supernatural confluence turns into River Saraswati. In this celebratory year of Param Krupaludev's 150th Birth Anniversary it was with great pleasure that Param Pujya Bhaishree welcomed Param Pujya Bapaji Rakeshbhai and 912 Dharampur Mumukshus to Shree Raj Saubhag Ashram in Sayla.

The coming together of these two Sants filled the air with piety, devotion, enthusiasm and above all, love.

Param Pujya Bhaishree welcomed Param Pujya Bapaji with open arms at the gates after which they then did darshan at the Jinalay followed by darshan of Param Krupaludev's chitrapat and murti in Kalyan Hall.

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After dinner an evening function was organised in the Ashram grounds. Both the Sants ascended a decorated chariot which took them to the grand shamiana on the Ashram grounds, surrounded by dancing devotees.

The celebrations began even before the Sants entered the shamiana and graced the stage. As Valentines Day was just round the corner, both the Sants released red balloons in the air, where each balloon represented one of the innumerable and countless virtues of Param Krupalu Dev with the wish emblazoned on everyone's hearts that they, too, acquire them soon. They also released lanterns in the air representing everyone's obeisance to Param Krupalu Dev. The air was filled with the love and devotion flowing from every being present there.

Once the Sants took their seats on the stage, the atmosphere resonated with spiritual vibrations. After the evening Dev Vandan, a warm welcome was extended to Param Pujya Bapaji and his disciples. As a part of the 150th Celebration of Param Krupaludev's Birth Anniversary, Br. Vikrambhai and Br. Minalben showcased our offerings in the ongoing celebrations: The Inner Transformation, the True Celebration. They also briefed Param Pujya Rakeshbhai about the Ashrams's two other projects "Twelve Bhavanas" and "Maitri Moves".

As Param Pujya Rakeshbhai gave swadhyay, the gathering became still in serene silence, eagerly absorbing the profound wisdom pouring from his mouth. He elaborated on Shrimad Rajchandra Vachanamrut Letter No. 459 and in particular that which distracts us, vikshep.

When Param Pujya Bhaishree began his swadhyay, the gathering immersed in the quiet, deep, compassionate nectar that flowed from his pious lips. Bhaishree assured everyone that by developing true bhakti through these celebrations one is bound to progress to the next level in the practice of spirituality. He expressed his belief that all those who adher to the teachings of Param Krupaludev are sure to turn to the path of salvation. He quoted from Letters 132, 133, 165, 187 and 201 to elaborate on the route to this path.

After the invigorating and inspirational words from both the Sants, the crowd was invited to dance to the tune of the melodies that echoed the love and devotion felt by the mumukshus. The raas-garba played by the mumukshus filled the shamiana with such euphoria, one had to see and experience it to believe. The Sants themselves swayed to the resounding beats of the Bhakti, and the devotees were brimming with love. It was indeed the night that truly celebrated the 150th Birth Anniversary of Param Krupalu Dev, who is a "Yugpurush" in every sense of the word. This mortal world may not see the birth of a person as great as Param Krupalu Dev, let alone know him.

May Param Krupalu Dev inspire one and all to embark on their true journey which liberates them forever from the vicious cycle of Life and Death.

Acknowledgments to the Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Dharampur yuva group for some of the above photographs.