LMV Girls High College celebrates its 10th and 12th Standard Graduation and Leaving ceremony

27th February 2017

On this day Shree LMV Girls High School and College celebrated the 10th anniversary of the college, the graduation of 10th and 12th standard as well as Param Pujya Ladakchand Bapuji's Birthday.

Head teacher Shree Chandrakantbhai Vyas reaffirmed the school and college's aim to give all girls the opportunity of education, independence and freedom in life, whatever their background and ability. He gave his heart felt blessings and best wishes to the graduating girls and best wishes for those sitting exams.

The atmosphere created in the school is that of a family. Love, support, education, life lessons, and friendship. The teachers see their students as their children, and now that they are leaving they were overcome with emotion. The students in reciprocation were grateful for everything they had received, they expressed their love for the school, the protective nurturing environment, the advice from the teachers and the friendships they had made. In their dances, their plays and their orations they marked their gratitude. The leaving students make a collection every year to donate equipment to the school as their leaving legacy. Microphone and speaker systems, carpets for the assembly hall, whatever the need they fulfill to their ability. Such a harmonious friendship is rare to witness between the students, their school and teachers. A privilege to witness. The students welcomed all the visitors with hand drawn individual cards made by the students themselves. over 50 cards were given, each with a beautiful message or quote from a Mahatma.

Param Pujya Bhaishree, Br. Minalben and Br. Vikrambhai gave their blessings to departing students: "live you life immersed always in good thought (suvicharna), be noble and truthful in all you, realise your weaknesses and cultivate yourself to become all you can be, expand your potential and there is nothing you cannot achieve in life. Above all imbibe spirituality into your lives."

Gift of Buddha Bhagwan picture to Chandrakantbhai Vyas for the school's principal office.

Gift of Buddha Bhagwan picture to Chandrakantbhai Vyas for the school's principal office.