IVY Swadhyay - Feb 2017

19 February, 2017

During the second IVY swadhay of the year 2017, Pujya Minalben emphasized on our goals of inner transformation, and how the real change has to take place inside and not merely outside.

She explained the importance of practically implementing the goals of ethics and discipline in our life.  We must make a daily schedule and meticulously follow it, starting with eating lunch and dinner at a particular time and move to doing agnabhakti and atmasiddhi at specific hours. This will help discipline the body and keep it healthy and help ensure that we do our bhakti everyday.

The third goal has the 12 bhavanas and for the month of February, Asharan Bhavana has been adopted by Raj Saubhag Ashram mumukshus. When we get fever or fall ill, our mother takes care of us, takes us to the doctor but neither she nor anyone can take our pain away. We have to bear it ourselves. There is no true refuge in this world except the holy trinity - Satdev, Satguru and Satdharma. Whenever we are in trouble or need any help, we have to take shelter of these three. They will always be with us to guide us through life.

The final goal of 'maitri moves' teaches us that loneliness is poverty. We must go around helping everyone we can. At the end of the day sitting with your grandparents even for 5 minutes and talking to them can make their day. Small deeds like this help us make other people feel loved.

Narrating an inspiring story, Minalben said:  “A small boy decides he wants to meet God. He packs a small bag with breakfast, lunch and water and sets out. After a while, he sits in a garden to have a drink. As he opens the bottle to drink water, he notices an old lady staring at him. He offers her the water. She gladly accepts and drinks it. He then sees a dog running around and starts playing with him. Later as he opens his breakfast to eat, the dog starts wagging his tail and looking at the food. The boy gives his meal to the dog. After playing for some more time, when he finally decides to eat lunch, the old lady comes and sits next to him. He kindly shares his food with her and returns home happily. When he comes home, he tells his mother that he had spent his day with God.

Even the old lady returns home and tells her family that she had met God. These two souls found God in each other. This is maitri moves.

These random acts of kindness, gives one a sense of satisfaction and brings gladness to your heart.  

There are ten amazing things that require no talent and can be done everyday.

They are:
1. Punctuality
2. Following work ethics
3. Concentrate
4. Efforts
5. Energy
6. Attitude
7. Passion
8. Being accomodative
9. Doing extra
10. Being prepared

Asharan bhavana tells us that whenever we are in trouble we must take refuge of our Sadguru and pray. What is a prayer? It is an amazing exchange between God and us. When we pray, we hand over our worries to God and God hands over His blessings to us in return. Prayer is when God listens to us and meditation is when we listen to God. Many times in our lives, we feel broken. But we must remember that God uses broken things beautifully. Broken clouds pour rain, broken soil sets as fields, broken crops give seeds and broken seeds give life to new plants. When you feel you are broken, rest assured that God is planning to utilize you for a special cause, for something great.

To ensure that we have a great day every morning, we must wish ourselves good morning.
Get up
Open your heart
Open your mind
Dedicate your day to God

Optimize your resources
Remove all negativity
Never underestimate your potential
Inspire someone
Never lose faith
Go out with joy and confidence

Next Minalben narrated the life of Shrimadji -

Shrimadji was born in Vavania, Gujarat on 9th November, 1867 at 2 am. His parents were Devba and Ravjibhai. At this time the freedom struggle in India was progressing. Rituals like sati were being banned. Times were changing. In times when religious rituals were just carried out due to social pressures, Shrimadji was born and showed the world the true path to moksha. He explained the fundamental path of Jainism in simple everyday language

Gandhiji, the father of our nation, was a follower of Shrimadji. He once asked Shrimadji many questions, among them should I kill a snake if it tries to bite me? Shrimadji replied that every living thing values his life dearly, the snake has no mind and cannot think, but we as humans are blessed with knowledge and therefore we must not kill the snake, as killing a 5-sensed being would bring in an enormous amount of bad karmas.

When people asked Krupalu Dev whether he was sthanakvasi or deravasi, he would say that ‘I am an aatmavasi’. He only knew one truth that the soul was different from the body and it was eternal and the aatma is my true nature. We are all aatmavasis.

Krupalu Dev brought light to the world in times of darkness and uplifted humanity. Compassion is inherent in every gyani. Along with upliftment of our souls, humanitarian projects should also be given utmost importance.