Foodgrain distribution to the needy in Sudan

Raj Saubhag Ashram mumukshu, Ashokbhai Parekh sponsored and organized foodgrain distribution drive to the needy in Sudan, in cooperation with volunteers from Arham Group (mumukshus of Pujya Namra Muni) and a local Sudanese NGO.  His wife, Parulben also wholeheartedly supported and participated in the distribution drive.

A total of 2,700 cartons were distributed in various regions in the suburbs of capital city Khartoum and Omdurman. Beneficiaries consisted of previously identified needy families, who expressed gratitude and gave heartfelt blessings on receiving their precious gifts.  Among the benefactors were 50 blind people.

Wheat, flour, lentils, dal, rice, sugar, chickpeas, dates, fruit drink powder and sunflower oil were distributed to individual families in their homes by volunteers who cheerfully worked long hours in the extremely hot climate.

The governor of Omdurman City and President of Omdurman Indian Community were present to witness this humanitarian activity, which was covered by the local news channels, radio stations and newspapers.

Ashokbhai Parekh said: “This activity was carried out under the grace of our Guru, Pujya Bhaishree.  His inspiration and his krupa inspired us to serve our fellow beings.”