100 Ekant Maun Shibirs Completed

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This January 2018 Ekant Maun Shibir marked a milestone as Param Pujya Bhaishree completed his 100th Ekant Maun Shibir. Taking the subject of Param Pujya Kalidasbapuji's letters 7, 8 and 9, Bhaishree emphasised the impoprtance of our sadhana and our goal of removing Darshan Mohniya Karma and attaining Samyak Darshan.

Since the initial Ekant Maun Shibirs in 2006 Bhaishree has taken over 32 subjects.

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A total of 384 sadhaks have taken part, many repeatedly. The breakdown is shown below. The top 10 sadhaks in terms of attendance to shibirs is also shown below with Pushpaben V. Shah attending 84 of the 100 shibirs.

Shibir 100.png
Shibir 100 record.png

Thank you to Palak and Yashica for their efforts in compiling the data.